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Thread subject: Four....two years in a row
Name Date Message
Tiger 08/12/04 09:23 am For the second year in a row a pair of ospreys have successfully raised four chicks.

Celeste 08/12/04 11:15 am The photo that was taken of the four chicks is really something!!!!! Thanks Tiger.
Cecilia 08/12/04 12:15 pm Yes, that is a great shot. Thanks Tiger.
Shelley 08/12/04 12:57 pm Oh Tiger, you must try to get to one of their Sunday lunchtime talks and tell us about it!!

What a terrific pic!
Marie 08/12/04 05:04 pm I finally unlocked the puzzle why I couldn't get into that site to see the four osprey chicks. Dahhhhhh! ! I kept putting the four as a number instead of writing 'Four!'. Of courseTiger knew I would try to find a short cut. Shelley you think you have problems with computers...LOL so I got to see all four, like ducks in a row. Real cute. They coined a phrase that said 'ONLY IN BRITAIN' when discussing Red Rose tea...well it would appear that this phrase is better suited to AMERICA...looks like FOUR osprey chicks can only be seen in a nest in America. How did that poor male osprey keep up with the demands? Perhaps the fish in that State grow extra big too.Perhaps, too the female started to fish at an earlier date than usual to help feed the family... "two for you DEAR and two for ME"
Shelley 08/12/04 06:41 pm Marie, for what it's worth, because links are not *live* when posted here, just highlighted, copy and paste them into the url box. It's faster than typing them out and that way, you won't make the mistake of the 4/four thing.
Tiger 08/12/04 06:45 pm Last year's four:
Tiger 08/12/04 06:47 pm Shelley I would love to get to their lecture but I fear it may not be this year. But who knows?

Marie 08/12/04 06:58 pm Shelley I don't even know how to cut and paste.......can you believe that! Well it is true. LOL
I have never had lessons on this darn equipement. Just taught myself...trial and error. One day!
Marie 08/12/04 07:07 pm We believed you TIGER, four in a nest, two years in a row. Now that is real proof. Nice Pic. I still am interested how the parents coped. I had three children in the nest/home and I nearly didn't cope. The noise is what dries me crazy!. Although I am very tolerant of bird noise...I find little people noise difficult for me.
Tiger 08/12/04 07:20 pm Marie you draw your cursor over the URL. Then right click it and copy it. Then paste it into your address line and click

Marie 08/12/04 07:31 pm LOL Tiger I did it ...I did it, and there it was but I had to THINK what is my address I found all sorts of things in the scroll down... LOL
Tiger 08/12/04 07:40 pm Seeeeeee!

Now that photoalbum.

Tay 08/13/04 12:00 am OoooHHH!! I loved that pic. and I noticed in the nest the big stick laying across the nest like a perch just like in our nest. Is that something all osprey do in nest buliding?
Tiger 08/13/04 03:19 am Maybe we should start looking for "big sticks" in nests.

Shelley 08/13/04 06:44 am Just when we think we have learned so much, something new pops up for us to pay attention to....and ask questions about..... ;-)
Marie 08/14/04 03:31 am well that makes two things to look for....favoured foot and now big sticks. Those ospreys do know more than we do when it comes to constructing nests and providing perches for their young. It is great to just watch what goes on in the nest but it is even greater when the question WHY starts echoing in ones head!

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