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Thread subject: So Many New Things
Name Date Message
Tiger 08/14/04 06:13 pm I am really struck by how many new things are being thrown up by all these osprey webcams and diaries.

It seems like the females should be off any day. Indeed I seem to remember that there was a satellite tracked bird called S07 which stunned the trackers by having reached Spain before the transmitter turned on.

Even more stunning was the fact that it stayed in Spain. Up to then I am not sure anyone knew that ospreys wintered in Spain.

I will find the story.

Tiger 08/14/04 06:16 pm Oooops that should have been S06.

I think this was the lady that went on to have a bit of infedility with toyby S09 which I referred to way back.

Anyway the story is at:
Tiger 08/14/04 06:19 pm I was prompted to think of this by the fact that the female in the Lake District seems to be delaying its departure for Africa.

Does anyone know of any tracking experiments due now.

Marie 08/14/04 10:08 pm Very interesting Tiger. The most intersting thought I had was how she , after migrating over the Bay of Biscay in 1999,( notorious body of rough water) completed her migration in 2000 and 2001 over land all along the coast line of France down to Spain instead of over water again. The English Channel was the only big body of water she crossed. Perhaps she was so exhausted from going over the BAY in 1999 that when she arrived in Spain and found the weather so agreeable that she never went on to Africa. Hence she only migrates to Spain because of one ? miscalculation. We will never know!
Tiger 08/15/04 06:51 am Oh no I think you misinterpreted that. In 1999 she started her migration so early that no one knew what route she took. Thus that patch over the Bay of Biscay is only hypothetical.

But yes there seems to be evidence that they do learn from past experiences of migration.

Ann 08/15/04 06:52 am The female Osprey is still at Bassenthwaite Lake in the Lake District England. They think it is due to the fact that the lake is full of fish and warm (why go yet!).

Rutland Water tracked the Ospreys migrating a few years back but don't know if they plan to do any more. Will try and get in touch with them now and let you know the results.

I personally hope yours stay around love watching them.

Ann 08/15/04 07:06 am Just phoned Rutland Water. Sorry guys but they have no plans for any more satellite tracking for the forseeable future. Told him if it was money they should have an appeal and we would all help (I for one would). Think it is logistics or whatever didn't exactly give a reason but said they would love to do it again "sometime".

Oops forgot to ask them if their female was still there, please forgive me.

Wonder when your birds will be back on nest haven't seen them yet today? (or should I say heard them).

Tiger 08/15/04 07:38 am Anne the Rutland female is still there and has taken up fishing!
Marie 08/15/04 08:15 am LOL ah well Tiger ...I guess you are RIGHT. Reading in a to co-lead a field trip to the USA all day. Off to find some Tufted Puffins and lots of other things...see you all tomorrow.

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