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Thread subject: Is Betty still around? And a few more questions.
Name Date Message
Kathy 08/17/04 11:52 am Hi Dave or Tom, have you been to the nest recently? Is Betty still around? Are any of the juveniles fishing for themselves or is Dennis still doing it for them?
Dave S 08/17/04 06:25 pm Hi Kathy, I haven't been to the DPOF site all summer, I don't live near the nest. But, I o have a nest near my house and they had two young. I have seen them, over the past few days, circling over my house and calling to each other. I think both the male and female adults are still teaching, and the juveniles constantly cry out for room service! Maybe someone has been out to see if the migration has started from Brookhaven, but I think it will begin in another week or so.
Kathy 08/17/04 08:26 pm Thank your Dave, I guess the same thing is happening at the DPOF nest. How lucky you are to have a nest close to where you live.
I will ask Mickey if he has been there recently. He usually visits and updates us.
Melanie 08/18/04 11:37 am I live on the Chesapeake in Annapolis. We have a nest in a daymarker at the mouth of the creek that I live on. That particular pair flew into town on St. Patricks day, calling out for each other for about a week while making lazy circles in the sky - em - sorry - I was having a musical theatre moment.

We also had three chicks fledge - this is the fourth year I know of that they have reared three chicks. They aren't real happy if you get too near their platform which is kind of hard to do in a narrow channel with lots of boat traffic - they're urban birds, you know - none of this country life for them. At any rate, during our evening walks we could almost always count on at least hearing them if not seeing them as well, but that has diminished a lot in the past three weeks. I've heard nary a peep from any of them for the past three weeks.
cathy 08/18/04 02:08 pm Last year, the King County Airport ospreys were last seen in mid-late October. I was worried about them, it seemed so late, but 2 came back (don't know which ones) again for about the 4th year (I have noticed them) last April.

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