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Thread subject: What I did on My Vacation!!!! (back to school composition)
Name Date Message
Celeste 08/20/04 05:33 pm My husband and I just returned from our yearly vacation to the beautiful Rideau Lakes in Ontario, Canada.

My goal was to observe osprey on "osprey time".
To my delight osprey time on the lakes was all sorts of behaviors all at once! From my lakeside room I could hear them and sometimes see them flying high above or perched in a pine tree on the lake. From our boat were the biggest thrills. I saw juveniles in their nests between 8-9am chirping for breakfast as we observe on this site. As we went through the different bays and inlets it seemed everywhere I looked I saw osprey. One was on a pine tree eating a fish, (when my husband "dared" to get too close, he left). One juvenile was on a branch bobbing its head looking down at us below. I noticed in a tree not too far away from this "bobbing" juvenile a parent keeping a watchful eye on us. If our motor was turned off and we were quiet we could get quite close.

Sometimes we would "forget" to be quiet if we saw loons suddenly appear near our boat, or a heron getting ready to fish and ospreys who were eating would leave their perches with their fish to eat elsewhere in peace.

The biggest thrill however, was watching the osprey fish. First I would see them circle above the lake pretty close to it and then suddenly it would dive with a huge splash. I was surprised how forceful the splash would be. For a few moments, if the osprey didn't catch anything it would work hard to take off from the water again, shaking excess water before it flew up and dived again. The landings were determined and hard I saw one osprey dive at least 6-7 times, (hard work), before leaving the area after noticing our boat drifting too close. There were several osprey circling and fishing but as I have read, they had their own fishing territory. I never saw two osprey flying over the same area and diving together.
( real fair play!).

We were rewarded with so many behaviors outside the nest that we imagine from our site. The lakes this year seem to abound with osprey life. I felt fortunate and priviledged to witness it all. AND, most importantly Mickey, because I was rewarded with such displays from the osprey, I decided to leave the electricity on for ALL this year.

Oh and of course, as you all know, I met Shelley, and yes it was lovely meeting her and she too is as nice as she is on the board. We recognized each other immediately! My sister, my husband, Shelley's friend, etc., let us have our osprey discussions also. Oh and the "hybrid" osprey.....hmmm.....well, since I don't have a scanner, and for some comic relief, I believe my brother-in-law will post this "hybrid" one day soon for all of you to "observe".

At the end of our trip we stopped at Saranac Lake to visit Cecilia and her husband who are vacationing there. My husband and I enjoyed their company and the beautiful surroundings of the Adirondacks before leaving for home.

Before this site existed I never in my wildest dreams imagined getting involved in an internet site that I loved and the icing on the cake was meeting such lovely people. Wish we could ALL meet each other!
Mickey 08/20/04 06:12 pm How cool is that ! I really do thank you for leaving the power on this year. I hope you and Cec laughed that you both live 40 minutes from each other but found it nessasary to meet in the Adirondacks 4 hours away *wink* I hope Im nexton the *meet list*
Celeste 08/20/04 06:30 pm I would love to meet you MIckey! And, Kathy "osprey" too! Yes, I thought leaving the electricity on was the "least I could do".
Yes, meeting Cecilia and her husband was great, however, I could "kick" myself for not getting a photo of the both of us!
Nancy Ludlow 08/20/04 09:03 pm Thanks, Celeste, for the story of your vacation. My husband & I will be leaving next Wed. for a drive to the Pacific North-west. I won't be able to meet Marie, but hope to call her when we are across the water from her.
Lori 08/20/04 10:37 pm Celeste you are too good to us ! Thankyou for deeming us "worthy" of electric :-)). Glad you had an excellant vacation. Is Shelly just as funny in person too?
Marie 08/20/04 11:56 pm Celeste, It is a welcome sight to see you back on the message board and to read your wonderful stories of encounters with the OSPREY. It sounded devine. To be in that boat just drifting along and watching all those ospreys! WOW! So glad you met Shelley...and Cecelia. Sounds like your vacation was a lovely time. Best of all so glad you returned safely and are back to post MESSAGES. Welcome home ...we missed YOU.
Celeste 08/21/04 06:38 am Thank you all! I am glad I am back to "catch" a few more observations of our chicks before they leave and most of all to continue our "daily" talks!
Pam 08/21/04 07:11 am Stuck here in UK this year it seems - well if you all want to make me jealous, you have succeeded - memories of Saranac Lake and our trip to the Adirondacks come flooding back, particularly the one of the catering college assistants at the hotel who served Benedictine by the half tumblerful !!!!! Calling at a B&B, door open, nobody around, note on the dresser "Gone to the lake, back soon" - a different world. Rowing a boat on quiet Long Lake and watching and listening to the loons. Shades of Kathryn Hepburn "It's the loons Henry".
Marie 08/21/04 10:42 am Ah, Pam we must meet next year when I come to England.....I have to make a yearly visit due to family concerns. Usually try to go late April or early May...We will have a great time. My even be able to get TIGER to join us. What do you think?
Pam 08/21/04 01:48 pm It's a date Marie !
cathy 08/21/04 05:44 pm Welcome back, Celeste! How wonderful that you observed ospreys diving. This week my husband observed an osprey flying along the Sound with a fish so big half of its body was hanging down. He reported it was too far away to observe its foot preference. Thank you for your descriptions of the lake and meeting Shelly and Cecelia. I tried to make more observations to fill in for you, but was pretty busy this week since its the last week before I go on vacation before I retire (from my current job - now on to the next - but on my time scale). Its fun to know all of you. I have Welsh ancestry too.

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