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Thread subject: DPOF nest
Name Date Message
Nancy L 08/20/04 09:08 pm My husband & I stopped by the nest tonight on the way to a walk on the beach after supper. One osprey was on the nest (probably CZ) and one was up on a dead tree on the side of the clearing (probably Peace.) I was there around 7 P.M. CZ called out a couple of times, but otherwise, both birds sat quietly.
Marie 08/21/04 12:11 am Hey that is exciting to actually see the very nest we see on the net.Thanks for your report Nancy. The osprey nest I watch is now often vacant but if I stand around and listen sure enough one of the juveniles flies home to the nest especially between 5-6pm which is what happened this evening. The young male called for supper on and off for 30 came the male adult with a GOLD FISH...this young osprey managed to take it from the male...into its RIGHT talon. The adult flew to its favorite tree top to watch while the young one in the nest called and called hoping for the MOM to come in and feed it. Well it took a while for this one to realise no one was going to help it eat the fish so it decided that it would have to do just that for itself. Wasn't long before the adult male flew off to keep the Alpha female chick who was coming in fast to raid the nest??? away from the food. Infact the adult male really chased the alpha juvenile to another light pole.This looked really strange for I have never seen that kind of behaviour before. It was as though the Male knew that the younger chick needed to have a meal all to itself, as well as learn to feed itself properly with out disturbance from its sibling. I know this is only conjecture on my part but that is what it looked like to me.
Celeste 08/21/04 06:41 am Firstly Nancy, to have the opportunity to actually "hear" and "meet" our chicks is awesome! Especially our loud CZ!!!! And Marie, once again you witness such interesting behavior. These birds continually surprise us, and I don't believe it was conjecture on your part. The more we observe the more I do believe we observe behaviors that were never noted before!
Mickey 08/21/04 07:23 pm Nancy........Do you know someone who`s property butts up against the reserve/nest who allows you to walk that close? Or is there a public path that you can share with us?
Nancy L 08/22/04 01:55 pm Mickey - E-mail me at and I will explain. But catch me soon, for we're leaving on the 25th for 3 weeks to the north-western states.
Mickey 08/22/04 06:32 pm You have mail :)

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