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Thread subject: Holiday time again!
Name Date Message
Marie 08/25/04 09:36 am Have a great Holiday Nancy and any one else heading off for a break away...guess you, Nancy may have left already. Be safe. Look forward to talking to you soon when you arrive in Washington.
Tiger 08/25/04 10:45 pm I thought the day would never come!
Shelley 08/25/04 10:55 pm Are you going off on vacation, too, Tiger? Where are you going?

Shelley, being nosy (and heading back to school, very soon....)
Marie 08/26/04 01:40 am I hope that you can 'rest' and 'renew' Tiger. We all need a break. I hope I can get away by the end of September for a few days. Sure feel like I need a holiday, despite my ability to get out into Nature here.Nothing like getting onto a plane and going somewhere even if it is only to the next province ;-)
Tiger 08/26/04 03:20 am Well I am going away to the Isle of Wight on 14th September. It is a regular event in my life and helps give one perspective.

However I do need a genuine long holiday. I have not had one for far too long.

Last Friday I agreed to go Camping on the Isle of Jura next July. I dare say we might bring along some Isle Jura! :)

It is a long term project as it has been a desire of my friend and I to look out on a genuinely dark sky.

Let me see by next July there hopfully be three.....or four....young ospreys here :)

Start picking the names??

Or maybe a better idea. If I was to come to Farmingville would anyone here want to meet me??

Shelley 08/26/04 06:29 am At the risk of sounding ignorant, where is Farmingville?
Jamie 08/26/04 08:22 am Farmingville is a town in Suffolk County, on Long Island...why would you be heading there? just curious, as you have all those other exotic sounding places to choose from. Enjoy your vacation :-)
Marie 08/26/04 09:34 am Perhaps if a few of us went we might have a Party. Sounds like you have been thinking about it Tiger. I have quite a few airmiles and have thought it might be great to meet a few people next year at Long Island. How does one get there anyway? I do have to go to England again in May or April so perhaps you might join Pam amd I and even Ann in London, if that works for you and Ann.The new year will bring so much for us all as well as a New or Revitalized cam.
Marie 08/26/04 09:45 am Tiger where is this island? That is, the Isle of Jura...sounds like it might be near the equator?
Shelley 08/26/04 10:19 am Well, I don't see myself getting to England any time soon, but New York? It could be possible...! An osprey family summit (or reunion) sounds terrific!!
So, should we meet by the big rock near the lake, calendars in hand, at high noon, to begin to plan.... ;-)
Tiger 08/26/04 12:22 pm Oh I have been talking about going there for quite some time. Even mentioned it way back on this message board when I was talking to Mickey.

Tiger 08/26/04 03:18 pm The reason is very simple. I have a connection with Farmingville wich is totally different from ospreys.

Now you understand?

Marie 08/26/04 04:35 pm are too mysterious... ;-)). Is it to do with your past??? Research weavils, pheromones, I DETECT something, am I on the right track? I assume there are Farms at Farmingville LOL
You still didn't tell me where the Island is..;-((
Shelley 08/26/04 07:00 pm Thank you, Marie, for saving me from being the first to be nosy, lol!! Tiger sure does love to be mysterious! Ok, Tiger, clue #1:_______?
Or should we play 20 Questions?
Lori 08/26/04 09:37 pm Tiger's connection is a love interest!!! I'm sure that's it :-)
Marie 08/27/04 12:20 am Lori, nice try! TIGER loves Ospreys...he said it so many times...this fascination with Farmingville is different I believe, simply because he said it is totally different, but you could be right Ta da....
Tiger 08/27/04 05:05 am Oh dear I have been caught out :(

Marie 08/27/04 09:16 am oooh ahhhhhhhh, now is that conformation of what Lori said.......??????
That mysterious TIGER is not saying much again.!!
Tiger 08/27/04 10:16 am It is just that I have revealed my farming roots! :)

Shelley 08/27/04 01:34 pm The scientist as farmer? The farmer as scientist? Farm boy grows up, moves to mouse, city mouse...?

Someone stop me, please....! ;-)
Tiger 08/27/04 03:21 pm You see my paternal grandfather was a very exact man! You would not believe that would you???
Shelley 08/27/04 04:18 pm Sure I would. So the farm connection comes from the maternal side?

(tell me if I'm getting warmer, ok?) ;-)
Tiger 08/27/04 04:59 pm Not really. It came from both sides but it swapped over!

You see my father sold the farm to my maternal grandfather to go on a journey :)

Any guesses where that might be?

Marie 08/27/04 05:10 pm Could it possibly be......
I R E L A N D.?
So what is wrong with having farming roots?
Tiger 08/27/04 08:30 pm Yes it was Ireland but what was the destination?

Lori 08/27/04 11:31 pm He went to kiss the Blarney Stone?!?!?!?!
Shelley 08/27/04 11:40 pm He went to look for osprey?
Tiger 08/28/04 02:52 am At the end of my long working day....16 hrs .. and you ask "'WHAT WAS THE DESTINATION".....urgh.....are you trying to rattle me or what....LOL..I know... you just want to keep this thread going... ;-)).
You said once you were from N I so I will hazzard a guess and say county Armagh...I know nothing about Ireland. Is that area(ARMAGH) farming country???? I like Lori's answer best of all.
Marie 08/28/04 02:56 am LOL LOL........I swear I wrote my name as the owner of the last message.......TIGER are you putting a spell on my messages now???it must be late here.......and I am tired. LOL...guess I now have to own up to the above blunder,,,,,,,
Tiger 08/28/04 03:05 am :)
Marie 08/28/04 03:13 am LOL............guess you are there watching over my shoulder......and laughing big time......
Well I am off to bed........8 hrs of sleep I hope!
Marie 08/28/04 03:17 am and BTW...I hope I find some answers Tiger to my questions when I arise and switch on the 'PUTER'......Please.
and not more clues...;-))
Tiger 08/28/04 06:31 am I guess it has always been a contest of the spade versus the pen in our family. You can judge for yourself which is winning!

But she married the farmer and that is what it is all about.

Marie 08/28/04 12:04 pm YAWNNNNNNNN ! Yikes another gey day here but at least it isn't raining right now. Well now TIGER........who is SHE and which Farmer,and which County and which Town...??? Was he a potatoe farmer? I remember a little about the potatoe blight and famine...but not much.
As for judging, I think the pen is winning in your family, but for the rest of the globe it depends which country of the world we are speaking of. Did you go to Belfast University to do your studies?
Tiger 08/28/04 03:30 pm No I hardly know Belfast at all. She was from far away!

Takes you to Eastern Europe!

Ah a nice point to endthe day!

Marie 08/28/04 04:34 pm speak in riddles......
A point to end the day....points belong at the end of pens. They also denote a specific point of view...I seem not to be getting the POINT!
She is grandmother I take it.....or is it Mother?
And Eastern Europe...well my mind is full of curious exotic places. Is it past Greece? I love Greece...wonderful country. I spent a month there traveling with the University of Victoria( classics dept) visiting almost every ancient ruin imaginable.
Seems we are going on a world tour with this thread.. look how far we have come from Long island already tracing the roots of TIGER. Maybe this is something we should discover ABOUT all our frequent messagers...mmmm I'll post a new thread.

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