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Thread subject: Another Osprey encounter.
Name Date Message
Marie 08/27/04 01:40 am Later this afternoon I took my Scottish 'Tern expert' to one of our local Nature Sanctuaries, Swan Lake. Imagine my surprise as we headed out of the woods and down the pathway toward the lake, when I noticed a rather large chocolate/brown bird flying low over the lake and diving beneath the surface. I looked at Alistair and shouted, as I left his side in a great rush....OSPREY. I had never seen any before at this lake. He finally caught up with me down at the floating boardwalk. I was entranced watching the osprey make repeated low flying surveys. It would then dive beneath the water.. he/she attempted five times but always came up with nothing. It circled once around the lake as if to say here I am, just for me and then disappered. The lake is fairly wide so once again I wasn't very close to catch the ultimate shot of an osprey rising from the waters with a fish. The rest of our walk around the lake was uneventful except for observations of two Green Herons observed side by side at the lake edge. I assumed one was a parent and one a juvenile from the plumage. Saw a few other small birds including Warblers, Anna's Hummingbirds displaying, Finches, Sparrows and Vireos. Bigger birds were Great Blue Herons and Coopers Hawks. Nice birds for a visitor from Scotland. We followed up this trip with another quick visit to a BOG, where we saw four beautiful juvenile Cinammon Teal, Marsh Wens, Red-winged Blackbirds, Common-yellow -throats, Pied-billed Grebes, Northern Shovelers, Gadwall ducks, American Coot, and two types of swallow. Not bad for 30 mins of searching for birds. As the sky darkened above us in one area of our view and the sun shone in another, a light shower descended from the clouds above. All of a sudden a double Rainbow arched across the sky with one end in the bog. It was magic. Too bad I wasn't able to stand at the end of the rainbow for it would have made a very special picture. We just stood and marveled at its intensity and colour. Neither of us had ever seen the end of a rainbow so close before. What a great afternoon to go Birding and to experience one of Nature's wonders.
Celeste 08/27/04 06:40 am I can imagine the excitement you felt watching the osprey dive. In reading your experience it brought back the intense excitement I felt witnessing the same event in Canada. When you watch those splashes and how hard they work to fish, you are so enthralled that it is very hard to stop and take a photo, at least for me it was. Once again, after reading your "thread" I experienced "following" you on your birdwalk on your "shoulder"!
Marie 08/27/04 09:48 am You are so right Celeste, It is amazing how they fish...but I did try to take a couple of pictures anyway....hopefully they will turn out. I will have to check that spot out again. There are still three more small lake areas I have to take my friend to before he leaves so hopefully I will see more osprey fishing.
Grace 08/30/04 03:58 pm Thanks for the decription, Marie. I felt as if I was there.

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