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Thread subject: Stork Nest in Germany
Name Date Message
Celeste 08/27/04 07:51 am Just read the updated news regarding the German Storks. The parents and the two of the three young storks have left their nest for good. The remaining stork remains in the nest "waiting" in vain for a parent to bring a meal. I checked the cam and indeed this young stork is facing the cam just sitting and waiting! They are keeping an eye on this stork and will bring it to a care facility if needed. They are able to band their young storks, however, one of the bands came off one of the storks and it is too expensive to put another one on plus the young storks are considered too old.

Interestingly, the young storks will migrate first, however, storks fly together not solo like our osprey. Storks will fly 6000 miles to Africa! Amazing!
Marie 08/27/04 09:13 am Yes that is good information Celeste...when one watched Winged Migration it actually says something to that effect about those same storks. They are beautiful and how sad for this little one that chose not to go yet. Makes me want to cry.
Shelley 08/27/04 09:21 am Well, I am glad to hear that they will take him in to a care facility if he doesn't go (which it looks like might happen). I'd hate to think he'd just stand there till he starved to death...:-(

Poor thing
Marie 08/27/04 09:22 am The young one isn't there at this time...guess it does go off and feed itself presumably. I have seen it stand alone waiting and waiting...Lets hope instinct will send it on its own soon...but it needs to find others to fly with I hope.
Marie 08/28/04 03:10 am Hi Celeste....that Stork cam has been 'ZOOMED IN' so one can really get a look at the one and only juvenile stork in the nest.Up close and personal and great views of those red legs and bill. The bird looks pretty sad and not too healthy in my opinion as its wings just hang down like it has completed a long flight of hundreds of miles. Images, I remember of these birds from Winged Migration. I wonder when the German bird organization will capture it? Guess it can't be too weak as it would be sitting down in the nest I think.
Celeste 08/28/04 05:31 am I checked the stork nest early am, (late morning for Germany), and found the stork not in the nest. I looked at their "news" wondering if they stated that the stork had been "captured" or perhaps just left on its own. As late as 11pm East Coast time, I curiously checked and the stork was in the nest.
Interesting..............Yes, they were a large part of Winged Migration. Which by the way, while "searching" and looking at things on the internet, I read a critical review of Winged Migration. The article admonished the French producers for making the movie in the first place. They were critical for imprinting the birds with humans, and felt the birds were exploited. I guess one could look at it that way, however, I felt that it was a great education tool for environment issues, the miracle of migration, etc., etc. It would be interesting to know what became of the birds used in the movie, but I think they were treated well. Their "human parents" even slept with the cranes to keep them calm! According to Poole, birds, including osprey, were "killed" for study! I still am touched and amazed at this movie and watch it often, particularly the making of it. For me this movie makes me look at each bird with a renewed respect, particularly those who migrate. It reminds me of our responsibilities to take care of our world and the creatures who share it with us!
Marie 08/28/04 11:54 am Ditto celeste...there is always the 'CAMP' for and another one AGAINST. More people have had their eyes opened to the world of birds and can now apprecite them and perhaps go on and save them, than the so called Sacrifice of those that became HEROES in my opinion in this movie. There is always a down side, a negative reaction to something produced in this manner; howver the benifits far outway the negatives.. More energy and decision making should be centred around those people in the world that still kill birds for so called FUN and also those idiots that have to collect EGGS! I have had my say!

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