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Thread subject: Spoiled Rotten !
Name Date Message
Mickey 08/29/04 07:39 pm I truely believe that we here are just spoiled rotten. I liken it to when I used to go away with my grand parents as a child. The uninterupted streaming live video feed AND sound to boot ! The closest setup to ours would be the Stork nest. At night they dont have a low light source. So that brings me to this week. Its true.It was bound to happen that the birds left. But Im torn between having the option to watch them go, or just being cut off cold turkey. I would choose cold turkey at the end of the season just like this week. I often marvel that it lasted as long as it did.Give it some thought. Its been running through snow,sleet,wind,cold,heat,rain,all sorts of moisture,birds siting on it,birds crashing into it,lightening. Anything Mother Nature could throw at it, it did. And the setup never failed us. The payoff was nothing but spectacular! We watched as Dennis and Betty raised 3 Ospreys to maturity and fledge ! So I sit here today in awe fully knowing I was spoiled by the setup again this year. Im thankful it didnt happen in April,June or July. I think thats why I can accept being cut off here and now.I think its time to go visit the nest and see if anyones left! Maybe I will get up enough nerve and knock on a door.I thought about it alot at the Ocean today. I could say Im there on behalf of all of you :) Im just to shy. So fly strong CZ,Peace and Spirit. Live long and prosper !
What a wild ride its been,
Marie 08/29/04 11:13 pm Thanks said it from your HEART. In deed we have been spoilt so it seems doubly hard to suddenly have nothing to watch, however we have gained much in other ways.I know I am most thankful for this experience. We have a great bunch of people here which is something wonderful. I do truly miss the 'FAMILY' , and like you, wish our CZ, PEACE and SPIRIT, Betty and Dennis bon voyage. One day next year in Spring, we will see the adults again. We all know how special this breeding season has been and I salute your eloquence Mickey in writing this heart felt message.
Tiger 08/29/04 11:56 pm I guess we were. Until the next time. Possibly on 16th March 2005.

Au revoir!

Ann 08/30/04 06:20 am
Sorry I am a bit out of touch as the camera has been down. Have the family definitely left?

Must tell you our female chick at Lake Bassenthwaite in England caught her first fish Sunday after 3 days of learning the art, father keeping an eye on her and always coming to the rescue with food. When she caught her first fish the volunteers said it was as if she knew how important it was and they were all watching and cheering, she did 3 laps of the lake before eating her prize. I hope she is around for a little while longer. They have switched off the camera but are still updating the diary.

Bye for now to such a great bunch of friends (if I can call you that)

Celeste 08/30/04 06:45 am I was thinking exactly the same thing. How fortunate we were this whole season to have uninterrupted observations. Yes, and Mickey you are probably right....cold turkey at the END of the season was probably best. Though it is "goodbye" to our chicks, I do hope from time to time, through the long winter we all occasionally say a "hello"!
"Till we meet again"!
Pam 08/30/04 08:04 am Oh this is so poignant - please don't all leave the website - we can keep meeting here if DPOF don't mind to discuss other bird and wildlife matters. I will keep looking in anyway AND !!! I shall expect to see Marie's regular observations. Mickey you live in such a lovely area that I'm sure you will find something to interest us. Most of us have garden birds or see interesting things on outings we would like to share with others. Ann, thanks for the news on UK ospreys - brilliant ! Please everyone, keep the messages coming ...
Celeste 08/30/04 08:21 am I will still be checking the site regularly Pam. I look forward to Marie's observations through the "off season" too. I hope others will also!
Melanie 08/30/04 11:01 am I must be having Osprey Karma or something - ever since the camera went down, I have started seeing our local osprey again - even over my creek. I thought they had perhaps gone. Three of them, high up and just soaring and chirping back and forth. Perhaps they are chirping their farewells....
Kathy 08/30/04 11:34 am I want to wish a safe migration to "our chicks" and hope one day they return to raise their own families.
It has been a very interesting learning experience this season, thank you again DPOF for the opportunity.
I will still check the message board (habits are hard to break) so we can all "talk."

And, Mickey, knock on that door you DESERVE it!

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