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Thread subject: Hi and News...
Name Date Message
Cecilia 08/30/04 09:55 pm Jeesh...I come home and discover that the cam is down and everyone is saying goodbye. Come on guys... you know that you're not going to just go away :-) Then you would miss Mickey's phone calls and Tim's on the scene repotrs. And maybe the DPOF will get the cam back up in time to see the chicks for a few more weeks. In one of the commentaries (I think) someone mentioned that ospreys were seen on Long Island very late in the fall one year so we may be lucky!

I just read all of the Obs and Messages so I'm all caught up. Thanks to all of you for continued diligence as some of us went on vacations. I know that Celeste told you that she and Frank stopped and had lunch with us...and I had to laugh when I read Mickey's post about how funny it was that we live forty minutes apart but somehow found it easier to meet in the Adirondacks:-) I could kick myself too for not thinking about taking a picture...I had the digital camera right there but I guess we were having too much fun to think about it. Celeste is as nice and funny as she sounds and Frank is a sweetheart. We hated to see them go.

There was an email from David Gessner waiting for me when I got home with some great news which I will copy and paste right here: "Looks like things may be happening with the second osprey book. I'd love to include some stories from your group if it goes/flies.....Could you give me one more reminder on how to access the archival footage of the birds?"

I sent him the links and asked him if we could help in any way. It will probably take him a year to write the book and another year to get it into print but I told him that I'm sure we'll all be lining up to buy the first editions :-)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the cam and I'm looking forward to seeing the "kids" a few more times before they take off! Think positively! It's not over until that fat chick flies! (sorry CZ :-)
Lori 08/30/04 10:47 pm Hi Cecelia glad you had a great vacation!!
Kathy 08/30/04 10:57 pm Welcome back Cecilia,I'm glad you had a wonderful time. That's great news about David Gessner!
Finally, a book about "Our Ospreys."
Marie 08/30/04 11:54 pm Thank you for your update Cecelia. So glad you had a good time connecting with 'FRIENDS' from this DPOF site. Hope you had some R&R while away.I was beginning to get depressed seeing all these goodbyes here on our message board. Glad you are back to route out the positive attitudes.
For myself, for I can only speak for me, the loss of the cam is rather traumatic. I need to be able to say goodbye to this family in a special way. Everything has been cut short (through no fault of DPOF) (Darn that weather!!!) It has become 'Unfinished Business' as they say for me. I know I have the ospreys here in Victoria to fill the void, however I am not connected to them as I was to this family. I didn't visit on a daily basis. It was that daily experience here that cemented the bond with these OSPREYS. Still, I reassure myself that others will come year after year and these youngsters will fade into the past( but never be forgotten). Last years family of two young took their place in the history books, once this family arrived. I have to do the same for the Eagle family here that have come and gone. They ( the adults) will be back by the first week of October so I don't have to wait long. March seems like a long time to wait for the return of Betty and Dennis. Well, I guess I will have to be patient!
Celeste 08/31/04 05:48 am The only word I can think about the news regarding Gessner is WOW, WOW, AND WOW!!!! Imagine, our observations, our archived videos, could actually contribute something for others to learn or just know about?!!!. So glad Cec you went to the Hamptons to meet Gessner! My goodness, you could be part of the "dedication", or maybe "all of us could", now wouldn't that be something! Oh and by the way, I am not saying goodbye either, with or without a cam! Oh and Marie, you could be our "cam" for the eagles that will return in October. How wonderful to read your observations through the long winter!
Shelley 08/31/04 06:24 am I agree with everyone, the news from David Gessner is very exciting. I am thrilled that he considers what has been observed and reported here, worthy and I really look forward to reading all about it!!

Welcome back, Cec! :-)
Marie 08/31/04 07:46 pm Cecelia, I missed saying how exciting that David Gessner sent an e-mail to you reguesting information for his book. I was wondering though are there any Copyright issues taking info from this message board when down at the bottom of the page in DARK TYPE is the word Copyright@2004 DPOF. Not sure if all that we write here becomes the property of the DPOF. Just a thought. Perhaps Dave S or Tom T can tell us more.
Shelley 08/31/04 09:20 pm Good thinking, Marie. Copyright laws are soooo tricky! But I'm sure that an experienced writer such as David Gessner knows (or has agents or representatives who know) all about that. But I am also very excited at the prospect of his next book!

(I have tried to post this 3 times and keep getting that *not connected to ... message Grrrr)
Cecilia 08/31/04 09:39 pm Marie...good question...but since he has written several books I'm sure he's aware of copyright issues and I'll bet he will contact the DPOF before he ever thinks of quoting any of the material on the site. I think he's most interested in the archived video right now but once he sees that he is bound to get curious about the observations made on the days of those events. I hope he stays in touch and I'll pass on any news I hear.
Cecilia 08/31/04 09:42 pm Shelley and I are on the same wave length and time clock apparently :-) And I, too, had to try to post my last message 6 times...the first time it has ever taken me more than 2 tries. Must be a busy night in the cyber world...
cathy 09/01/04 10:50 am Perhaps you already know this, but if you go "back" on your browser, your text is still there even though it says "cannot connect to the DB" and posting again finally succeeds. There's nothing worse than having to retype messages, especially when the first time it was brilliant, and its lost forever.
Cecilia 09/01/04 10:59 am Thanks Cathy, I did learn that a while ago...after having to retype once :-) It was just so weird last night how I had to try and try. I was about to give up when it finally went through. Today it seems to be working fine.
Shelley 09/01/04 04:29 pm As an addendum to that, I have also learned to highlight and copy my message just before posting, in case it does disappear, especially if I've written a long one. I did once lose it all and after that, I always do the highlight and copy.

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Tom Throwe
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