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Thread subject: Ospreys
Name Date Message
Lori 08/30/04 10:46 pm Went canoeing today-not on the Carmens river though ;we went over to Smithtown to the Nissequoge River.It was my husbands birthday and that's the river he chose. We did see osprey though. So the birds are still in the neighborhood. It was exciting and bittersweet all at the same time. To hear the familiar bird cry only to realize that it is probably the last time for the season. Mickey, this osprey season maybe finished but spring will be here and so will our birds. Just think of all the wonderful things that happened this season. We fledged 3 chicks, met new and wonderful people. Hooked up to some great web sites. You found a new hiking trail and your "own private Idaho" where you can be on "osprey time" any time you wish! Werthem is open year round I would imagine there would be some great pictures to be taken of empty osprey nests in the dead of winter. We have Marie to tell us stories of her birding adventures--just think....instead of sitting by the warmth of a fire. we can all gather round the computer and listen to nature stories!!! Personally I will have much to look foward to. Keep in touch? We never left!!!! Smile Everyone :-))) {{Big Group Hug}} tight squeezes to you all Lori
Marie 08/31/04 12:34 am Thanks Lori...I needed that. I had a W/E of Nature, but nothing unusual or exciting, other than four sightings of osprey off in the distance. Don't want to bore you all at this time so will leave it till something special occurs. It is the experience of observing 'FALL MIGRATION' underway that is so poignant at this time. Millions of birds are on the move...many put down in the Victoria area to feed for their long journey south. Juvenile birds in different plumages make it challenging to try to identify. Even adult birds have shed their colourful breeding plumages in many species.The one blessing at this time is that the birds aren't rushing to reach their breeding grounds as they do in spring. They linger awhile so one has the opportunity to really watch their behaviours and that is always fun. Sometimes too the young juveniles aren't people wary so one can get close to them but others flee on approach. I had such an occasion yesterday to get very close to a Long-billed Dowicher(shorbird), but that is another story.
Celeste 08/31/04 05:55 am Perfectly said Lori and I totally agree!!! I just "retired" (one more month), so I am looking forward to seeing Wertheim at different times of the year! We are indeed a special group and I for one will be "gathered around the computer"!

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