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Thread subject: Driven by NATURE
Name Date Message
Marie 08/31/04 02:14 am I have a special friend who has one of those rare gifts that when he goes out into Nature all things wild relate to him. He has infinite patience and will sit and study his subject for a long time, creeping closer toward the object of his curiosity. I feel privileged to be in his company at times like these. His first love is photography, however, since he likes to share time with me (photographing the birds) he has become quite a birder himself over the past two years. He does have an awesome teacher... ;-))
Imagine my surprise when I stopped off at the marina later this afternoon and tried looking for the Marbled Godwit on the rocks in the bay.This bird, a migrant, has been seen at this vicinity for the past five days. It was a beautifully calm, sunny afternoon. I was perched myself on the highest rock at the marina. This gave me an almost 360 degree lookout over the small bay adjacent to the marina complex. The Godwit(large shorebird) was no where to be seen. A group of other shorebirds huddled into the crevices of a larger rock close by. It was nap time for they weren't able to feed at high tide. This rock was surrounded by water so it wasn't accesible, but at low tide many of the rocks do connect allowing for exploration. The tide was well in by this time. As I checked the edge of the retaining wall for resting waterfowl on the narrow ledge, my binocular hesitated at one of the tiny rocks six feet from the wall. Here, perched on this tiny surface was a male figure with black rubber boots, shorts and t-shirt. A huge Nature photographer's lens extended from the small black camera at the rear of the setup. This whole apparatus was supported on a heavy Manfrotto tripod. A third of the legs of the tripod disappeared beneath the slowly rising water. Infront of this rock, approximately 8-10 ft was a bigger rock with four resting Hooded Mergansers. This was the focus for the photographer. I was more fascinated by the photographer than I was with the wild life around. Who would be so driven to go to these lengths to get a picture...well I soon came to the realisation that this male, crouching down on two legs, was no other than my friend David. A smile and a wave from me on my rock at the far end of the bay caught his attention. I wandered around slowly and approached quietly, to where he was so that I wouldn't disturb his concentration. Since I carry my small camera and lens with me, most of the time, I decided this was one of those photographic 'MOMENTS' that cannot be denied. It gave me more pleasure to photograph him on his rock on this occasion than spend time with the birds.This should be one of my best shots! He finally came off his little perch and waded to shore. Not a minute too soon for the sea had crept almost to the level of the top of his boots. We laughed together. Happiness sparkled in his eyes. This kind of adventure animates him. As I drove home I concluded that he is certainly someone who truly is connected to a world of 'Nature'. BTW his photography is spectacular.
Celeste 08/31/04 05:50 am Any chance you could get his permission to share a photo or two? Sounds wonderful......
RonS 08/31/04 09:51 am Marie,
I'm beginning to worry about you. Earlier this year you were pysically responding to Osprey distress calls and now you're stalking the stalker. Hmmmmmmmm:~))
Marie 08/31/04 06:34 pm You need to worry RON.....Birding does this to anyone....... ;-)) ESPECIALLY WHEN ONE GETS hooked ON certain birds!!!
You are funny Ron and your comment made me laugh.
I like to laugh as much as possible....
Shelley 08/31/04 09:17 pm Yes, a laugh a day keeps the doctor away.....or something like that! (laughs are way more fun than apples...)
Marie 08/31/04 09:38 pm ;-))

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