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Thread subject: Our Nest is Famous!
Name Date Message
Celeste 09/02/04 08:22 pm My young neighbors excitedly came to tell me that they took a 2 hours boat tour, (behind the aquarium in Riverhead), and they saw our nest on this tour. The tour guide told them all about this website and made mention of the "feeding of the 4th chick" and how it was the first time something like this was ever observed. My neighbors were excited for their 4 yr. old and knew that I was an "osprey addict" and couldn't wait to share their news. I thought how the "word"is spreading in ways that we are not even aware of !
Kathy 09/02/04 08:33 pm What great news!!!!
Mickey 09/02/04 08:47 pm Celeste........Im scrinching my nose making a face.Its possible to do a 2 hour boat tour but but but...................logistically I have my reservations if they really made it to the mouth of the Carmens river to the DPOF nest. If the boat was a decent sized party boat the depth of the water is at times very shallow from Riverhead to Brookhaven and the Smiths Point draw bridge is narrow. There are plenty of nests in the Riverhead area though. Can you ask the parents if they went under the Smiths Point Bridge please? Id really like to know. Or ask if they saw a Mountain way behind the nest.Its a landfill mountain.
Shelley 09/02/04 08:56 pm Celeste, does that mean that the tour guide is a regular lurker here...???
Celeste 09/02/04 09:10 pm Mickey as soon as I can I will ask.....since I am not familiar with the area as far as boating, I didn't think to ask. Their son was so excited that he saw a "real"osprey nest; perhaps the guide referred to our nest, but showed another nest? Now I am curious too! It is nice that are site is "advertised" particularly the highlight clips.....and hmm....that is a great question...Shelley....didn't even think of that either!
Celeste 09/02/04 09:21 pm Well, Frank just came in from work and he agrees with would take too long to even get to our nest, and perhaps the tour guide took "poetic license". At least they got the part of our nest and the highlight clippings correct! Sorry!
Mickey 09/02/04 09:27 pm well then if Frank agrees................
But Shellys idea of a lurker surely is a good one.
And why werent we invited on this boat trip? I cudda brought the tinis !
It sounds like they were on a chartered flat bottomed paddle boat outta Riverhead.
Dave S 09/03/04 07:27 am There is a nest on a small island next to the Indian Island golf course on the Peconic River in Riverhead that had at least one young this year. The tour boat goes from Riverhead out to the Peconic Bay and back and passes the nest. There is no way the boat was near Brookhaven, so the guide was taking some "Poetic License" with his (her) story... It is interesting that the guide discussed the nest and knew the events.
Mary 09/03/04 08:38 am Last year, July 2003, I took that boat ride and they were the ones who brought this web site to my attention.

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