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Thread subject: Commune with OSPREYS.
Name Date Message
Marie 09/04/04 02:03 am It seems I have had little time lately to indulge my senses in the sight and sound of Osprey. I realise I have seen and reported to you all recently, a few osprey on the wing, and even some fishing off in the distance, but none have provided that closeness that we have been so accustomed to over the past four-five months. Quality time with ospreys has been difficult to find of late, however, that all changed this afternoon...
I headed out across town to the nest that I had frequented over the past three months. It was nearly 4pm. If osprey were to be around I thought, they might show up close to the supper hour. I wasn't really hopeful of seeing them at the nest site but was prepared to search them out closer to the harbour. The young had fledged between the 5th - 6th. August so I imagined they were away more often from the nest site now.
It was quite cloudy when I arrived but relatively warm. There was a slight breeze blowing. I could see a familiar shape atop one of the light poles as I parked the car. The nest was empty, but I expected that. The young osprey( possibly the male) stood looking all around at the top of his pole. What a beautiful looking bird this young one had changed into. At times the sunlight , when it peeked through the clouds, would create a sparkling crown with those beautiful feathers that rise from the nape. It really struck me today how magestic a profile these birds have when the breeze ruffles those head feathers. At one point the young male was looking way up into the sky so I thought he must have caught sight of a parent enjoying a peaceful glide high above. When I too looked up to see what had caught its eye, I saw three beautiful Sandhill Cranes gliding over. It may have been a family begining to migrate. The other young osprey was no where to be seen. This one would call rather quietly on occasion but as the time approached 5pm he became much more vocal and insistant. His noise attracted a crow that decided the young osprey was a good tarket for buzzing. Strangly he didn't seem to react agressively toward the menace. It didn't stick around long. No fun! Supper was on this osprey's mind as he increased the volume of his calls. All of a sudden his sound changed so I knew something was up. I could see another osprey heading across the ball park...ah, at last, supper! Disappointment for our young male. The new arrival turned out to be big sister flying in. She attempted to land on the same pole. I was having major trouble at this time trying to remove quickly the stacked 'converters' from my lens( no good for action shots) so was never able to capture what was really going on atop the pole. By the time I had assembled my camera and lens back together, big sister had flown into the nest. There she started calling loudly. For twenty minutes they exercised their vocal chords. A noisey duet ensued...but it was very effective. Guess who flew in with a red fish? The male parent! Of course we knew who would get the fish first...chickzilla! The younger, smaller one had flown into the nest almost as soon as it had seen its parent, but the foot-work of the young female managed to claim the fish delivery before the other juvenile had a chance. There really wasn't any fish-fight, or tug-of-war. As usual, the postures and calls of the juveniles changed to exactly how we had observed on the DPOF cam. There was no sharing of this fish. It was way too small. Unfortunately I had to get home by 6pm so wasn't able to stay and watch the continuation of the story, but tomorrow I will return. I want to know if the adult female brought another fish in shortly after the first delivery or is only the adult male left to provide for his young at this point???
Celeste 09/04/04 05:43 am It is strange not to be able to check "our chicks" as I am in the habit of doing first thing in the morning, and I was delighted to find another new "chapter" in "your" osprey book to read. I am glad you were rewarded, which in turn rewarded us. Thank you!
Pam 09/04/04 07:40 am Marie - thank you - lovely. Couple of photos winging their way to you.
Lori 09/04/04 10:22 pm Marie Thankyou for my osprey "fix" I'm hoping to do some canoeing and observing tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to tell the tale as well as you!! :-)
Marie 09/05/04 02:02 am Thanks Lori...good luck...I hope you see OSPREY and can add to the chapters of this Nature Journal.
I look forward to reading about your adventures.

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