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Thread subject: Status of Osprey Cam
Name Date Message
Tom T 09/04/04 11:10 am After replacing or repairing a number of components of the ospreycam system, it looks like the damage from the storm extended to the camera housing. To go any further with repairs requires taking the camera down, so the streaming video for this season is at an end. When we get access to the nest site to remove the camera, we will see what needs to be done to get the system ready for the next season. A new comentary has been posted giving a little more detail about the situation.

During all but one of my trips to the nest site working on the repairs, I saw an osprey on the nest or perch. I am happy to say that the birds have developed into very graceful fliers.
Pam 09/04/04 03:03 pm Thanks for that update Tom and for all you have done and are doing for us with regard to the camera. It was a sudden ending to a wonderful few weeks watching the ospreys - it was my first year here but I hope to be watching again next year. I don't suppose that osprey will be on the perch/cam for too much longer now. Hopefully we have it all to look forward to again come next spring.
Marie 09/04/04 07:14 pm Thank you Tom for the sorry that it had to end this way as well as the extensive damage to your wonderful cam. Guess it must have been all that blowing rain and wind direction that got into the workings. As Pam said we had many wonderful weeks of pure pleasure. I am truly looking forward to March 2005. Many thanks to you and your team again for all your assistance in bringing to the world an awareness of this unique and special creature/bird. I applaude you!
Mickey 09/04/04 07:48 pm The Months from March to August will never be the same to me since last year. Thank you for all your hard work gentlemen! I must confess it was easier watching this year because I kinda sorta knew what to "expect". Thanks for the up close updates too *smile*
Celeste 09/04/04 08:35 pm Thank you is not enough for the wonderful things this site has brought to my life. Meeting wonderful people, learning every day something new about this wonderful bird. All because of a very dedicated team who work so hard to create this site and keep it going. You have certainly done honor to Dennis Puleston. I applaud all of you!
RonS 09/04/04 09:11 pm Amen, Celeste.
I want to add my thanks to the chorus. It takes all of us to make an endeavor like this happen, from the silent observers to the most active participants. We all encourage each other. Individually, there is not too much that can be done; collectively, there is nothing that cannot be achieved.
Shelley 09/04/04 10:01 pm And amen to that, too! I have to say, we have been very blessed in many ways but even moreso that this happened now, after all the excitement and action of this season, rather than earlier. Thanks to the efforts of all of you at the DPOF, we didn't miss a single important event.

This was my first season here, too; the first of many, I'm sure. We may be an unlikely group, individually, but on another level, we are, indeed, "birds of a feather"...

Thanks again, all of you.

(and no, I'm not leaving....;-)
Lori 09/04/04 10:17 pm It was an excellant season ... Thankyou from the bottom of my heart!

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