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Thread subject: Is it the beginning of the End?
Name Date Message
Marie 09/05/04 01:53 am A pang of real sadness came over me as I drove away from the ball park at dusk, this evening. I had never stayed this late before and had been hopeful that a parent osprey would arrive with the last catch of the day. The two young ospreys, each on their favorite perch, had called for over an hour with NO response. I sat in my car, with the window down and binocular in my hand listening to the two of them. I noticed as I sat there that it was the female that was loudest and much more vocal. She moved around the nest where she had settled, calling repeatedly. Dave S had mentioned this observation himself in one of his message threads. He had said that generally he had noticed that the females were more chatty! A trait necessary no doubt for future years of breeding.
When I set out from home at 5pm the weather had produced a blustery afternoon. It was begining to feel quite cool at 7pm. Certainly not ideal conditions for photography. I had thought the adult male or even the female would respond to the call of their young, but to no avail. It would appear, after this hour long 'duet', that the young ospreys were somewhat mystified. They were now flying around the pole lights in possible frustration. Perhaps it was a game as they pole hopped. The last of the daylight dimmed in the western sky, and the wind, I had noticed, had dropped a little. This seemed to be the cue for the young to leave. The nest was no longer their place to sleep. They flew once around the ball park, before departing. I am sure they knew I was there. The young then flew off in different directions to their chosen roosts. I never did see(it was getting quite dark now) where they settled for the smaller of the two(? male) who left the ball park first, veared off to the right while the bigger one took a flight toward the golf course. This was not how I had wanted this evening to end. Was this the begining of a new period of development for the young? Had last evening's fish been the final token of parental responsibility?
When I had driven past this nest site, earlier at 5pm there wasn't an osprey to be seen or heard. Even at the other two nests sites that I often visit I encountered nothing! I was beginning to think that all the ospreys had migrated at once using the power of this westerly wind. I really felt quite forlorn The skies over the harbour were empty of Ospreys. I made my way to the lagoon to reassure myself that it was too soon for them to all have left. True enough , my fears were ungrounded... there above the waters of the lagoon flew two osprey. From time to time they attemped to fish. They came out of no-where to thrill me for a while and then disappered into no-where again. They actually didn't catch anything for the water was quite choppy in places. I completely lost them against the background of trees that partially bordered the Lagoon. Even though it was getting late by now I decided to return to my usual nest site for one more look. And sure enough that is when I found the two young calling. Hopefully, they have developed the skills to catch their own fish by now. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day for them. As I drove away I said to myself... "each day is a bonus now when it comes to encounters with osprey."
Celeste 09/05/04 01:28 pm Here on the east coast we are having cool weather today and in the next week. Hurricane in Florida....reminds us that the much anticipated "season of osprey" is definitely drawing to a close. Now we can cross our fingers for all of our migrating birds, particularly "our chicks". Once again Marie, thank you for sharing the "remaining osprey experiences of this season".

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