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Thread subject: David Gessner at DPOF
Name Date Message
Dave S 09/05/04 06:05 pm The Puleston family has agreed that it would be great to have David Gessner out to the nest site this weekend, September 11 or 12. They have also agreed that we should have those of you devoted observers, who wish, there to see the nest (from private property, about 800 feet from the nest) and to meet Mr. Gessner and the Puleston family. I will be there and Mr. Gessner said he would be happy to sign my copy of his book. Details have not been finalized, but I will post as soon as they are. I will also be able to supply directions for those who need them.
Shelley 09/05/04 07:04 pm OMG!!! How I wish I lived in NY right now!!!!!

You guys, you HAVE to go!!! Cecilia, Celeste, Mickey, who else? One of the Cathy/Kathy's I forget which one, sorry. Lori, are you in NY, too?

Dave, would they allow photos to be taken? Maybe we can put our heads together between now and then and come up with some questions, too.....

Oh, to have a little cam on your shoulders next weekend...;-)

What an honour and a priviledge!! You have to thank
Dave S 09/05/04 07:19 pm I will have a digital camera and will try to get some good pic's! You are all the best, I'll do what I can...
Celeste 09/05/04 07:21 pm Thanks Dave for the info. Please post as soon as you know, as my husband is scheduled to work next weekend and it would be "easier" if we know ahead of time which day so he can make arrangements. (I won't attempt driving by myself as I was not born with the "sense of direction" gene!)
Mickey 09/05/04 07:25 pm this is great news Dave ! Now Im very excited and glad I didnt go on my own! As we will be guests on Bettys property can you suggest anything she might enjoy? ie: does she have a sweet tooth or enjoy a glass of wine occassionally? Or maybe flowers?
My email is if you want to email me with suggestions.
Shelley 09/05/04 07:29 pm Mickey, that is a very nice idea. Good thinking!
Mickey 09/05/04 07:38 pm Celeste.........If he cant get off work, you can drive to exit 60 on the LIE and you could follow me the rest of the way. You better be coming and Kathy too!
Lori 09/05/04 09:58 pm My husband and I would love to be there. As Mickey asked should we bring something? Bottle of wine, rainbow cookies, cheese & crackers? Must admit, I'm a little nervous but truely excited. Thanks Dave!
Marie 09/05/04 11:15 pm ;-(( whaaaaaaa this is when it is best to be down east...You lucky souls.!!! Have a wonderful time with each other and Betty and David Gessner.....WOW this is really good. How I wish I could be there. Hope Dave you can post a PIC of you all on that special property at a later date. Will look forward to seeing a Group Photo. Good luck with the final arrangements.
Shelley 09/06/04 06:16 am I second that one!! I'd LOVE to see a group pic of you all!

Please, please, pretty please???!!
Tim 09/06/04 06:42 am I'd like to be able to attend.
Celeste 09/06/04 06:51 am If I am there I will at least write a "school composition" for you all . I am sure we can get a photo of "us" for all of you who don't live on the East Coast! Wish we could all be together!
Pam (in England) 09/06/04 07:26 am Please let us know all about this exciting day. Hope you get to see any remaining osprey from our nest. All I can do is open MapQuest and look how I would get to Brookhaven if I had the opportunity. I quite like browsing in maps but when you get to the place it is invariably very different from how you imagined it. Would it be possible for any of you to take photos of the general area as well as the personal ones? I know I'm being cheeky here but then... if you don't ask, you don't get :)
cathy 09/06/04 12:29 pm Cool! How about a human-level web-cam with osprey talk for us remote viewers? I would be interested in Betty Puleston and David Gessner's thoughts about what each of us could do to encourage protection and thriving of Ospreys and other species as Dennis and David have done. This particular osprey platform and possibility of watching ospreys up close through an entire season, and communicating about it has been a great idea. Its so encouraging that wildlife cams are proliferating. David's personal book - so well written that it is a best seller - is another. I suppose Dennis and David each focused on this particular bird and their relationship to it, and did what each did best to demonstrate their love for it.
Cecilia 09/06/04 09:52 pm Great news! I'm glad to hear that the two of you hooked up. I'll bake a cake, bring wine and flowers if this all works out :-) !!! And, I'll bring my digital camera there will be lots of photos for the out of town family members!
Shelley 09/06/04 10:51 pm YAY!!!!! Thanks!! I can't wait!
RonS 09/07/04 11:40 am Fantastic!!! I would love to be in attendance.
Dave, my email is if you need to send anything "off-line". Once the date and time are set, we can possibly arrange car-pool. I'll be driving from western Nassau county.

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