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Thread subject: Nature Journal update. Ospreys!
Name Date Message
Marie 09/06/04 01:10 am I am so happy to report that the two young ospreys that I wrote about last evening have not been abandoned. Not yet anyway. I have an interested lady in a house opposite the ball park watching for the adults and for that final day when she sees them no more. When I arrived late( 6pm)today, she told me that she had seen three ospreys at the nest sometime during the day. Her news was good to hear. Having visited at 1.30pm myself during my 'OSPREY ROUNDS' I had only found the Adult Male sitting high a top his favorite tree. There had been no young around. I felt sure the adult female had left for I haven't seen her or any females lately. I was at least reassured by the presence of the male. I drove on and found NO ospreys at the other two nest sites. At the Lagoon, however it was a different story. Sunday was one of those beautiful days in Victoria. Blue skies above and sunshine all around. Very little wind in comparison to yesterday. Over the water flew the familiar shape. That chocolate brown and white bird that beats its wings to the rhythm of its own drum. Two ospreys came and went...both appeard to be male adults. Both were successful with fishing today. Their silvery catch gleamed in the sunlight as the ospreys transported it to some favorite perch on the tree line. When they weren't fishing or eating they were just sitting/standing on some of the highest snags around. They really like dead-wood! Their activity was always too far away for my photography.I sat at the lagoon for a long time, 90 mins just watching the ospreys, gulls, swans and other dabbling ducks. It was a very peaceful time. My decision to return to the osprey nest at 6pm was a good thing. I was privileged to see what I thought, were some unusual behaviours... After much calling by the younger who was in the nest, the adult male flew in with a RED fish again from the direction of the golf course. Amazingly the Alpha chick who hadn't been calling much at all from her light pole remained at her post. She didn't attempt to fly to the nest and take the fisf-drop-off. The smaller osprey was ecstatic, calling all the time. Once the fish was secured in his talon(RIGHT) he then flew out of the nest with his red fish to the next pole. Here he devoured it, chirping between mouthfuls. Meanwhile the adult male remained up high on his tree watching. I think the alpha chick was either full from a previous fish dinner( which she may have caught herself) or was intimidated by her father's presence. As soon as the younger one had finished, the adult male flew away. The two young ospreys decided then to play tag. It was quite amusing to watch. Shortly after their game they flew off toward the golf course. I could see them flying around together from the road. By the time I jumped into my car and headed up the upper road close to the golf course the younger one flew over the car with another catch in his talon. He was screeching and screeching...his little brown fish was still alive. It was as though he may have caught his first fish on his own from the noise he was making. He landed on one of the poles. The alpha chick, his ? sister was so kind to leave him alone. She went to the nest close by and uttered calls that sounded like..."well done, I'll let you eat it all on your own"...This was such a special event, even though as I watched, the little brown fish waved its tail around. For once, I felt sorry for the FISH!! The adult male osprey wasn't visible at this time, if in fact he was there... I left the young osprey enjoying his catch, and headed up to the golf course. I entered the gates to see where the nearest pond could be found. It wasn't difficult. Bang smack in the middle of one of the closest fairways was a big pond. It were as still as a mill pond. I smiled. Perhaps the poor fish had been retrieved from this little lake. Walking back to the nest site and my car I realised I was all alone. No sight or sound of osprey anywhere. They had vanished.
Celeste 09/06/04 06:54 am Yes Marie, Frank still loves listening to anything regarding your beautiful city. We have all of your photos "saved". Thank you once again for your "visual accounts of your osprey experiences".....I can "see" it all very clearly in my mind each one that you write.
cathy 09/06/04 12:09 pm Thank you for this exciting account of Osprey behavior (behaviour, in Canada), and your own, very human behaviour. We are all one! Now the osprey is the fish.

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