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Thread subject: World Map
Name Date Message
Tom T 09/08/04 12:47 pm Before the problems from the storm, I was putting together a map with the locations of people who have signed the guest book. The first pass at the map is available through the "Guest Book World Map" link on the left menu. If I made any mistakes, let me know.
Tiger 09/08/04 01:58 pm Why is not London represented for me??

I know I am an Ediburgh graduate but! :)

Mickey 09/08/04 02:19 pm hey thats pretty cool :)
Cecilia 09/08/04 02:55 pm Tom...what a great idea. Super job! It's so nice to see that people from east to west are watching this wonderful site. Thanks so much!
Celeste 09/08/04 03:01 pm I love it! Thank you!
Pam 09/08/04 05:04 pm Good idea Tom but our Marie and Shelley are going to be a bit miffed ! The world doesn't seem to include Canada! Love those NY place names, Wading River, Shelter Island, Sea Cliff, Lake Ronkonkoma....
Celeste 09/08/04 06:13 pm Pam, Victoria and Toronto are indicated on the map. Just hold the mouse on the "dot" and the name of the city will appear. The only place that you can "click" and see a list are the Long Island places since there are so many from here who signed the guest book.
Pam (retiring to bed in disgrace!) 09/08/04 07:25 pm Apologies Tom, my mistake - thank you Celeste.
Marie 09/08/04 07:37 pm Thank you TOM...nice touch.....guess it would be really great to get a few more dots on there.....and please see that LONDON get a big dot...after all I was from there once upon a time and Tiger needs to be recognised...;-)) He has contributed a great deal to our over all knowledge of ospreys world wide.Just a friendly reminder......
RonS 09/08/04 08:42 pm Super job, Tom. Thanks..and let me add my two pence for the London dot. Tiger has been a great contributor.
Kathy 09/08/04 08:46 pm Thank you Tom, I love it.
Shelley 09/08/04 08:56 pm Cool! The only other world map of this sort that I've seen is the one from Bravenet, where each person places themselves on the map, with an option to attach a message to their name. But I like the look of this one better; it's a prettier map and easier to view.

Thank you, Tom!
Lori 09/08/04 10:22 pm Thanks Tom! It's probably the closest I will ever come to getting my name on the map!!! :-)
Tom T 09/10/04 09:05 am For Tiger: Did you make an entry in the guest book? The map locations was from a dump of these locations and I did not see London. I will check again.
Lynn 09/10/04 11:15 am Why don't we all e-mail 3 friends giving them the DPOS website & next year there will be viewers from all over the USA & perhaps more of the rest of the world. It's worth a try!
Tiger (Mz) 09/11/04 04:46 am Now who is the imposter tiger??
Tiger 09/12/04 12:08 pm Sorry Tom I have not yet signed the guest book. Also that imposter Tiger may well be me.......
........see C2H5OH,,,,,,,,does things to people.


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