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Thread subject: Todays Adventure
Name Date Message
Mickey 04/17/04 04:13 pm I just got back from the nest that Jack told us about. I got to see both adults and a 3rd "intruder". The area is abuzz with Osprey.Besides this nest which is very close, theres another within ear shot and visable with binoculars. I estimate the Dennis+Betty nest to be about 2 miles as they fly West. It was awesome to hear the Osprey in the distant and know "that squawk". Then to see them taking off,landing,soaring and interacting around the nest made my heart thump hard in my chest. Last year someone wrote about going to this nest but they got eaten alive by mosquitos. Im glad I went now. What a trip. If I hadnt gotten to much sun yesterday,I never would have went. btw the park is wheel chair accessible :)
Shelley 04/17/04 04:25 pm I'm sooo jealous! Too bad you can't post pictures on this message this board!

I wonder if that third intruder is the one who spooked Betty at 4 o'clock, causing her to leave the nest empty for one minute (I posted about this on the observation board)Thank goodness she returned and settled down before the cam went down again. It's back up now, though
Kathy 04/17/04 04:53 pm I'm jealous too!! What a wonderful day you had today. You had that same feeling I had when I "visited" our nest last year.
Mickey 04/17/04 05:11 pm Heres the thing about the nest I watched today, you can literally sit almost right under it. Its next to the path you take in the park. I could hear a bird up in the nest so I moved past the nest about 50 feet and just to the left was a walkway out to a observation platform. I rolled out onto it and thats when the action started. I was watching one Osprey circling high and the one in the nest sitting up yappin. Then a 3rd bird appeared on the scene. I was facing due North. All exciting. But behind me due South was a very loud Osprey. It, was in its own nest ! Binoculars or telescope needed. Theres no need to worry about lack of food btw. Theres fish everywhere!
I will be going back very soon. The pictures I will put on a website and post where soon.
Cecilia 04/17/04 05:55 pm Hi Mickey...Does the Park look like a good place to go canoeing? Did you see any kind of a ramp or "put in"? We're always looking for some new place to take our canoe and I've been thinking about going out to Wertheim. I'm so glad you got a chance to see the "neighborhood"!
Nancy L 04/17/04 06:25 pm Cecelia - You can go canoeing at Wertheim. It's on the Carmen's River. My husband & I have canoed there and so do many other people. You put in either by Glacier Bay Canoe & Kayak on Montauk Hwy (just west of Shirley)--they may charge for a pass, OR go to the end of Beaver Dam Road in Brookhaven (at the light.) Put your canoe in there and go left up the river to see the nest you guys are talking about, or right to possibly see Dennis' nest with binoculars.
Mickey 04/17/04 07:04 pm Cecilia.......The park itself does not have a ramp. But like Nancy said the Beaver Dam Rd has a put in. But heres something to remember.Once you put in at Beaver Dam and go South you can only go as far as the train tressle. When we drove into the Reserve we saw 5 kyackers stopped just there as we crossed a very low bridge. Unless they took a wrong turn? I could be wrong but I think to go see the nests you must put in at Glacier Bay Canoe or elsewhere. Nancy? the beaver dam put in is on Montalk hwy at the light east of Glacier right?
Celeste 04/17/04 07:47 pm Hi Mickey.....It was myself and my husband that had to escape a swarm of mosquitoes-bees, on the path. Are you talking about the area where you park your car, and there is a building with a deck and brochures, before you start the walk down the path? If I remember, there were two paths one could take to walk on. I am from Massapequa so I am not too familiar with Werthheim. Could you tell me exactly what entrance to the park you went in? When we went, we took Montauk Highway to William Floyd parkway----but I don't remember exactly where we entered the park last summer.
Mickey 04/17/04 08:02 pm Cecilia.......Beaver dam road does have a free put in. I was wrong.Theres something opposite Smith rd on the otherside of Montauk hwy, but I think its for fishing.

Celeste......its William Floyd to Montauk hwy(west) about 2-3 miles to Smith rd(make a left) go over rail road tracks and the entrance is on the right. 8am to 4pm.

If your planning on going to the Park drop me a email and maybe I can meet you there.I remember your post about the mosquitos so go now while its "safe" lol
Lori 04/17/04 10:50 pm As I've known for years Wertheim is beautiful! You can put your canoe in on the north side of montauk hgwy- but you have to walk quite aways before you get to the water. If you're adventurous(or however you spell it) you can put in right on the hgwy, you have to carry down a short steep hill though.You can canoe under the train tressle right up to southaven park and under sunrise hgwy.The osprey in the area are amazing I live not but 2 miles away. There are many wild turkey too. Haven't seen any "Matt" birds but I hear they're pretty elusive!!:-)

Cecilia have you canoed the Peconic river in Calverton? It's a nice all day trip through old cranberry bogs down into the village of Riverhead.
Matt 04/18/04 02:04 am Yes Lori, Matt birds are elusive. You never know where i'm going to be and in which nest. :)

Cecilia 04/18/04 10:22 am Thanks Mickey, Lori & Nancy! We'll look at the calendar and pick a Saturday in April and I'll let you all know in case anyone wants to join us.
Yes, Lori, we have done the Peconic River trip and had a great day with a group of canoeing friends. Have you done any canoeing out east on Accabonac, Nappeague ar three Mile Harbors? They are all beautiful and have lots of places to get the boat in easily. We keep our canoe out there and use it every chance we can get.
Nancy L 04/18/04 12:42 pm As for canoeing in Wertheim where you talked about the small building & 2 trails, I would ask them first.
Celeste 04/18/04 12:43 pm Thanks Mickey for the directions, and I am hoping to get there before the bugs, and yes it would be fun to meet Liberty and Freedom's spokesperson!

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