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Thread subject: Home Sweet Home.
Name Date Message
Marie 10/03/04 05:27 pm How I have enjoyed the many comments and ideas as usual on this lively Message Board as I try to fill in the last 8 days. Having returned to Lotus Land here on the coast( it is gorgeous and sunny) only a couple of hours ago I can assure you, all I wanted to do was get back real fast to my own computer.( No computers at my daughter's house) The 40 plus email's waiting weren't such a welcome but to get down to the real business of 'CATCH-UP' at DPOF was indeed a pleasure. Reality has caught up to me now for I do have to head to work in a little while so it will be 24 more hours before I can write a little more of my adventures in Alberta. I did get a rest from the phone, work and computer obligations so feel much better and ready to face the next lot of challenges that come my way.Nice to see every one still here.
Tim 10/03/04 08:14 pm I share your feelings Marie as I just returned from a week long training program in Albany NY friday night.
Spent five gruelling days seated in a classroom setting,studying at night and making presentations in the day. my butt still hurts. Although I was still in NY it's totally different up north from here on the Island.I was totally out of my element,,,,No family, No computer,No access to news as the hotel had mostly movie channels and worst of all no water,I missed the Ocean and Bay.
Saw some Raptors but being in the car and out the hotel window I was unable to identify them. But I did get a good look at some Turkey Vultures enjoying some road kill ,not Raptors but surely a very impressive bird.Glad to see the information continues to flow on this board.
Celeste 10/03/04 10:14 pm Hi Marie....Welcome "Home"!
Nancy L 10/04/04 02:17 pm Welcome back Marie & Tim. Marie, after 3 weeks away, I had 120+ E-mails waiting for me, about 110 of which I erased immediately.
Marie 10/04/04 06:54 pm Thanks...all you wonderful folk that missed me just a wee bit... ;-))
Nancy I have a filter on my computer that gets rid of the junk email mail so had to respond to most of the others.....URGH!!! Still wading through the 'LOT'.
Hey Tim.....I share with you the love of the ocean and delight that the sound of the sea can create. Hope your training program went well. Less people is good that is for sure....Calgary is a big city in comparison to Victoria and then there is NY! Today the fog and mist rolls in from the is very interesting for one minute the world is grey and then the next it is brilliant sunshine again...Ahhhhhhhh the moods of the ocean.

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