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Thread subject: Response from Wildlife Biologist about Nest Platforms on Duwamish River
Name Date Message
cathy 10/04/04 03:39 pm Thought you might be interested in this response to question about platforms. Actually the nest near my office is on high tension wires - so I think I will ask him specifically how a platform might be built near it - or if the nest could be moved to a less dangerous place. However, the ospreys have apparently adjusted to the location and raised chicks each year. I suspect some are returning to the area.

Dear Dr. Henny,
I used to work in a Boeing office building on the Duwamish River and for about 5 years watched (along with many others in our office building) an osprey nest on a utility tower at the end of King County runway. Last year (2003), you removed an egg from the nest for study.
One of the women in our building talked with you when you did this. This year, I think there were 2 chicks hatched in the nest. The nest on the platform further north on the river was also occupied, but I don't know if there were any chicks.

I retired in September, and would like to use some of my new found free time to urge the county or another public resource to build platforms for the ospreys on the utility tower, and some other platforms along the river for when the surviving chicks return. I would also like to do what I can to promote the health of the ospreys in the Puget Sound area. Do you know of any efforts or contacts to build platforms in the Puget Sound area? I intend to contact the local Audubon society, but if you know of any efforts on behalf of ospreys in the Seattle or Puget Sound area, I would appreciate hearing about them.

Thank you for your research. This past year, I have enjoyed and learned from watching ospreys on the web in several places, notably: The Dennis Puleston osprey nest on Long Island, NY.

Catherine: Thanks for the email and your concern about nesting Ospreys. The issue of "where to place new nesting platforms" along a relatively narrow river is difficult to predict. I am afraid that considerable amounts of money could be spent with limited success in attracting nesting birds. The concept of proactive "management" sounds good but, unfortunately, we do not fully understand the birds preferences for nesting sites, especially along narrow rivers. Now we are in a mode of modifying sites after they have been chosen, or providing a better site nearby (once we know that the birds like a particular area). For example, a nest was recently moved a short distance to a different light pole at one of the terminals. I think funds for platforms can most efficiently be spent dealing with nesting pairs if they initially chose a problem location along
the river. We plan to continue our research on the Ospreys nesting along the Duwamish/Green River. Thank you for your continued interest in these magnificent birds.

Chuck Henny

Charles J. Henny, Wildlife Research Biologist
USGS - Biological Resources Division
Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center
3200 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis, OR 97331 USA
541-757-4840; 541-757-4845 FAX
cathy 10/04/04 03:44 pm Apparently ospreys had built a nest near the airport terminal on a light pole. I didn't know this. I am looking forward to learning more about birds around this area and have joined an email discussion group called "Tweeters". For ospreys, it might be called "Hooters" or "Screamers". Also Marie inspired me to learn more about birds and attempt to photograph them. However, I can only aspire to take such beautifullly detailed photos as she does.
Marie 10/04/04 06:58 pm Cathy ....this is most interesting...
Guess what I have a few PICS at last...will e-mail them to you so you can approve what you want me to post....for the DPOF
cathy 10/05/04 11:14 am The osprey nest built on the wooden dock that may be torn down with change in property ownership in the hilly area near the Lagoon in Victoria - I wonder if the new owners could be convinced to build a platform and put some of the sticks from the old nest in it. According to Henny, it is not predictable whether ospreys will build on it, though. One nest was moved to a plaform across the Duwamish river off a power station and the next year it was occupied.
Marie 10/05/04 06:27 pm Hi Cathy, I am not aware of that nest near the Lagoon in Victoria or are you talking of the one I showed you?...the only one I am aware of is the one on the Piledriver in an inlet off the Esquimalt harbour. I have spoken to someone about that intent to remove it. Will have to leave it to the citizens in the View Royal area to come up with a solution. I will try to follow up.

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