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Thread subject: Woods Hole Osprey update
Name Date Message
Karen 10/05/04 08:51 am Email today from the Woods Hole Osprey people ... wonder if David Gessner made it to South America also? if you look at Bluebeards maps you will see just how late an Osprey can migrate ...

Our first tagged Osprey has made it to South America, safe and
sound--no fatal stops on a boat in the Caribbean!

As usual, the maps are at

(Remember that there's a shortcut now that will get you to the birds
migration without going through all the early maps.)

Rob Bierregaard
Biology Dept.
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte NC 28223

704 333 2405
Tiger 10/06/04 05:36 am Oh thank you. That is a great site. Now how come no one mentioned this before?

Marie 10/06/04 09:32 am Someone must have mentioned it Tiger, for I have found that site and viewed the maps before.
The fabulous picture of the osprey chick at
is certainnly worth looking at. Thanks for posting that site.
The question is....why didn't that chick destroy those remeaining two eggs.?? All the time it had in the nest made it possible for it to do so I would have thought. Guess they don't smell like fish...
karen 10/06/04 09:38 am Tiger these are the birds that David Gessner is following along with the BBC ... I first posted it shortly after we all met him on LI in August ... it is a little hard to navigate until you realize you have to follow 1 bird at a time and now also they put in the shortcut. I was fascinated to see how Blubeard stayed so long at the nest to feed a juvenile who could not catch fish ...not a behavior I have read about before ... set up the email on the site and you get updates from Rob when he posts new maps.
Tiger 10/07/04 06:22 am Marie you are right there. That is a great pic!

Must take a closer look at all of this!

Tiger 10/07/04 06:24 am Did I not report another male staying behind to help a juvenile??

Even built it a micro light :) :) :)

karen 10/07/04 09:20 am sorry Tiger I must have missed your posting ... I try to keep up but sometimes my "real" life does get in the way .... can you remember about when an and I will go read up ... Thanks
Marie 10/07/04 09:22 am Nope...Tiger I don't remember you doing it at Rutland that the male stayed on to teach the juvenile?
Can you please explain the micro Guess you must be joking and I am still too sleepy at this hour of the morning ..6am.
Tiger 10/08/04 12:22 am Yes Marie I think it was the Rutland Water Bird.

Yes of course the micro light bit is a joke but a subtle reference to the book "Fly away Home" where a micro light was used to teach geese to migrate!

Tiger 10/08/04 12:33 am Yes it was the younger of the Rutland Water males.
Tiger 10/08/04 12:39 am What a pic??
Marie 10/08/04 01:48 am Oh...I saw that movie.It was thought it was an ULTRA LITE that helped them migrate... ;-))
Perhaps that is what we call them here......
A type of lightweight plane...
Tiger 10/08/04 02:37 am In the world of today one has to lay puzlles otherwise people do not think about things enough :)

I dread to think what it will be like in 50 years!

Marie 10/08/04 09:35 am Yes you are right...we will all be walking around with what we say in the medical terms....FLAT other words, with faces that do not portray any emotion nor will we have much to say since we will have spent too much time infront of screens rather like ME these days. Still we won't be around to see this change. Or at least I won't be around to care...
Tiger 10/09/04 03:33 am Screens??

Nah everyone will have head up displays or more likely built in chips!

Marie 10/09/04 11:49 am Screens = monitors, Tiger in my vocabulary.
'FILLING IN TIME......AND DOING NEW THINGS'.....Recently I had presented to the Victoria Natural History Society membership a slide show of nesting behaviours of the eagles at the beach and also the osprey nest family that I visited the most. This was received with much enthusiasm. It was only a 20 min show as other members were invited to present their summer activities as well. I know I will have to spend more time in the next few weeks getting a better show organized with a lot more in depth information. Lots of reading and note taking for me. Winter homework when it is too wet to bird watch. In order to complete these two shows and provide a full account of year round behaviour(eagles as I can't do that for ospreys) I will have to really be active when they(ospreys) return so that I can catch these wonderful birds performing their sky dancing and copulation activities...since the eagles are around now it won't be too hard to catch them anytime and especially in Feb/ March. ;-)) Guess I am planning all my activities for the new year time to be bored with life. ;-))

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