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Thread subject: Fish
Name Date Message
Jack 04/18/04 09:15 am I missed the arrival of a fish AGAIN!! Talking too much on the message board. I wish we could split the screen so we coulview the cam and chat at the same time
Matt 04/18/04 09:30 am Jack. This is what I do in order to avoid that. I open up one web browser and go to the Osprey Cam site. If you already know how to do these things, I apologize for the repeat of information. But maybe there are some who don't know it.

I click on the link that says "use this link to launch an external player". I then use this web browser to go between the Message Board and Observations Database. Since I am using Windows, I press the "alt" key and hold it. Then I press the "tab" key. When I release both, I go to my next window, which is the real player window. You don't have to hold the keys too long. Just as long as the alt key is down when you press the tab key should work. This is how I watch and post at the same time.

Alternatively, you can resize your web browser window. If your browser window takes up the full screen, click on the middle button on the top right hand corner in between the _ and X. This will take it down from full screen. Then go to the north, south, east, west edges of the browser window. Then click and drag it to any size you want. Then move the window itself so that you can see both the real player and the web browser.
Jack 04/18/04 10:00 am Thanks for the infor Matt. I am not very "computerwise" you have been VERY helpful. I haven't tried it yet...but I will let you know how I make out. Thanks again
Shelley 04/18/04 10:07 am Oh won't my friends be proud of what I'm about to do!!! ROFLMAO!!! For your information, I am the world's most computer illiterate person. YOu could explain something to me 100 hundred times and I'd think I get it but when I have to do it alone, DUH!!!
So, here's how I *cheated* and made it easy for mytself to switch between cam and message board. I composed an email to myself. I called it *clickable links*. In the body, this is what I have:


* Ospreys:
message board:
The entire 2003 season is available at the old URL;

* Eagles:

NU eagles (live video):

I send it to myself. I can then click on any link and a separate window opens up. All I have to do then, is click on the blue bar across the bottom (beside the *start* button) to switch back and forth!

All that techno jargon is too foreign and confusing for my little brain. I'm a point-and-shoot kind-of gal! ;-)
Cecilia 04/18/04 10:43 am Here's what I do: I have a permanent external link sitting on my desktop (the RealOne icon that you can download from the nest site). I launch that to watch the birds in a separate, small RealOne screen. Meanwhile, I have the Message and Observation pages bookmarked on my Favorites list, on Internet Explorer, so all I have to do is open IE, click on the page I want and then I can just go back and forth between the pages either with the "back" arrow on the window or by clicking on the Favorites list again. You can access the Favorites list either by going up into the upper Menu or you can open the slide out window on the left side of the screen...see where it says "Favorites, History, Search etc? I guess we have all found our own ways to cope with all of this trying technology :-)
Tim 04/18/04 07:28 pm By right clicking you can open seperate windows.

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