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Thread subject: Beach Eagles are home.
Name Date Message
Marie 10/06/04 02:43 am I was out scouting the waterfront late this afternoon in the rain, hoping to see my EAGLES.I had not been out at all since returning from Alberta. After checking every channel marker I finally spotted them out on the marina harbour rock wall. They had returned safely from their mini-migration. This was good, not only for them, but it confirmed that there would be a good possibility for another successful nesting next year. I could see from my spot on the beach that one was eating and the other stood quietly beside watching the other. I suspect it was the female eating. By the time I hopped in to my car to drive over to see them more closely, one had flown off. Possibly the male had tired of was yet another gull that was being devoured. Too many gulls and not enough fish! I watched for a while untill she flew off to a small rock that was almost submerge by the incoming tide. There she watched a Peregrin Falcon chase after Black-bellied Plovers that were spooked and rising into the air. Luckily for the shorebirds the falcon didn't hit its mark. I was thankful too for I like these plovers. They have one of the most plaintive calls of all birds.
I saw no sign of any young eagles around. Perhaps they are still gorging on dead salmon that have spawned in many of our northern rivers. A rich and easy source of food for all the young eaglets hatched this year.
Pam 10/06/04 05:51 am Thanks for that Marie, nice to have you back. I saw a beautiful young eagle at RR a couple of days ago - I was so excited - I zoomed in on it. You could see every feather - its sharp, all seeing eyes, beautiful curved beak and talons. It sat for a while on the cliffs, flew a bit further to another perch and then it flew off and I lost it. I couldn't wait to see my captures, I had been banging away on that capture button and guess what - in my excitement I had been pressing escape instead of the key underneath which I have set as a hotkey and (you guessed it) I didn't have one picture. I was SO dissappointed - ah well, there will be others ! (but that was the first, boo hoo)
Marie 10/06/04 09:20 am Ahhhhhhh Pam, I know what you should see what I do sometimes on my computer...;-))
Lets hope you see another juvenile again soon. I 'd love to see another one of your 'captures' .

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