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Thread subject: Photos of Cathy and John visiting Marie in Victoria
Name Date Message
cathy 10/06/04 01:03 pm Here are photos taken during our recent visit. The faces behind the messages..
Shelley 10/06/04 03:33 pm Beautiful!!! Thanks so much for posting those pics! We have almost a complete picture now, of our group.......

(Shelley, tiptoeing away, hoping no one notices that I am one of the *missing* faces.....)
Mickey 10/06/04 03:51 pm Im constantly amazed at where these birds nest !
Shelley 10/06/04 06:44 pm I'm not feeling very well today and I'm in a cranky mood, as well so I'm gonna come right out and say it. Is there a decent (adult) reason you are pretending I'm invisible, Mickey? Besides being rude, it's downright mean-spirited. And it's gone on far too long to be *cute*. I have kept my mouth shut up to this point but you are really spoiling the tone of this board by playing these childish games of yours. You don't have to pretend to like me but being civil won't cost you a penny and actually isn't painful, either. If you think you are going to intimidate me off this board, you are wrong. I hope you know that.

If this post of mine constitutes an offensive post, I'm sorry. The DPOF may remove it, if they wish. I'm just sick enough of this to say so today.

And if you knew me at all, you would know that, in general, I normally go to extreme and extraordinary lengths to avoid any sort of confrontation. It's just not my style at all. But if I knew what I did to cause you to be so rude to me - other than to be occasionally conversational on the obs data board (something you, yourself, are not entirely innocent of, by the way), I wish you would be decent enough to just say so. And get over it.

There. I'm done now. And I don't really feel any better for having blown of steam.
Lori 10/06/04 10:19 pm Shelly????? Are you PMSing!?!?!!?!? I'm sending you a big HUG & a huge margarita! Alcohol is supposed to be a good germ killer.& Sometimes chicken soup is too tame. Are you smiling a little bit yet???? :-)()()( )). Peace

Mickey 10/07/04 07:08 pm excuse me??????
where in gods name was I rude to you?
I have purposefully not responded to you because I lost a friend over my last post to you in the Spring.So I stay far away from you and your posts.I read them and just move on. It seems your feelings are hurt because I dont respond to you.Well boooooooo hooooooooo. Get over yourself.Trust me when I tell you 2 things:
1......the board as a whole is a better more peaceful place with me not responding to you.
2......I know myself well enough to say that if I had responded to you this summer I would have been banned. Im a poison pen juggler kinda guy.

Im not trying to run you off anywhere.You give me way to much credit.Now heres alittle poison pen. Play nice and go take 2 midol.
Celeste 10/08/04 06:32 pm Those photos of all of you are great! Your faces "match" all the lovely messages you have posted through the season!!!! We sure are "creating" an "Osprey Family Album"! Hopefully as we go through another season, we will be able to add more!

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