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Thread subject: Marie & Cathy
Name Date Message
Lori 10/06/04 10:23 pm Hey! Glad the 3 of you had a great visit. Thanks for sharing your pictures. It's fun to put the faces with the names. Happy birding Lori
Marie 10/06/04 10:29 pm I must appologise for the quality of the pics...I think my scanner is wearing out. Cathy's pics in her gallery are my scanned pics! I have mailed the originals to Cathy so that she might scan a better quality for her gallery. Hopefully it may work better.
Mickey 10/07/04 07:12 pm Im still amazed at the nest in the ball field!

simply amazing!
Marie 10/07/04 07:23 pm Well Mickey.....I guess these ospreys that come up to Canada aren't fussy...they seem to like ball parks and people noise. I bet there are even balls in the nest because I certainly saw balls flying high some days that humans were batting. There is something about flood-lights that fascinate the ospreys. ( I should write my Thesis on this aspect of osprey preference) One osprey nest up Island is on a crane. Dah! We do have plenty of trees around that could work just as well but those nests that I know of are mostly built on the flood-lights on ball fields.
Mickey 10/07/04 07:34 pm After seeing that picture Marie I gave it some thought. Could it be the nest is warmer for the chicks in the Spring and early Summer when its still chilly or cold up there? Could the brightness of the flood lights keep a night hunter like Owls away till the lights go out thus making the nest slightly safer?
cathy 10/07/04 08:00 pm I imagine the floodlights do generate some heat, maybe quite a lot. If they are anything like floodlights at ball fields near me, they also make a terrible buzz. However, I hear ospreys have used floodlights in Seattle too. Its an interesting idea about predators. Marie showed us a nest on floodlights in another ball field that had lost its chicks to predators and there was a "frustration nest" (a few sticks where the ospreys perched) on a neighboring floodlight.
Marie 10/07/04 08:26 pm All great ideas.......
I have thought myself that it might be the space around the nest site that is so important for ospreys as they prefer open space to fly in and out. They also seem to love snags to perch on where there is plenty of room away from other tree branches. The lights generate warmth( when they are on) in the early spring too which is necessary when these birds isn't that cold up here Mickey. I think perhaps your weather is more unpredictable in the spring than ours. We have a fairly balmy climate here on the BC coast most of the year. Looking at some of the past video at DPOF of the nest site, it looks like SNOW all over the nest in March or early April. If we get snow( usually very little) it is generally Dec or Jan...
Back to the preference for light.
Perhaps the poles are more stable too than building at the top of a tree which moves with the wind. Safety for the young ones? Pole versus tree, easier to land when carrying a fish as the nest is not a moving target. This could be better for osprey chicks learning to fly...much better base for developing courage to rise up as well as the fact that there is always wind from any direction most days. Could the ospreys have a preference or be attracted to shiny objects ie the lamps? Certainly their visibility is 360 degrees. But that openess must make the family more visible to predators day or night. Probably many more ideas out there....lets hear them.

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