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Thread subject: Todays Obs
Name Date Message
Mickey 03/18/04 07:12 pm After watching pretty closely today, I think I can safely say Betty looks skinnier then Dennis and she has more speckles across her chest. I wasnt sure until I watched the 6:12 "event". Ron S? Would you agree? I watched as Dennis on 3 seperate occasions brought nesting materials to the nest as Betty just watched him. She was preening and softly chirping out orders *wink* Then the 6:12 "event" took place. Just for the record and I know Im to blame, but I feel funny saying Dennis and Betty were copulating all day lol........ I`ve also been crunching numbers all day and it looks like we could have a egg (or eggs)by as early as April 1st. But my guess is April 3rd :)))
RonS 03/19/04 08:36 am You've got better eyes than I do, Mickey. I thought that Betty was larger than Dennis until I realized that, at least on my monitor, the bird closer to the camera appears to be the larger. I'll keep trying to spot a discernable difference.
April Fools eggs? Does that mean the chick's names will be Joker, Jester, Clown, etc??
Mickey 03/19/04 09:27 am Just before the "event" the bird closer to the cam was the larger bird (I think Dennis). He was replenishing the nest with new materials while Betty sat on the western farthest from cam edge just watching him. He then flew away and came back and landed on her. Maybe someone can look at the video saved and help us please? Id watch from about 5:55 till 6:15. I was thinking the same thing for April fools eggs Ron ;)
Dave S 03/19/04 10:19 am Mickey is right, the female osprey tends to have more "speckling" on their breast than males. The size of the birds is harder to determine, whichever is closer to the camera will seem larger. In good light, the male appears a lighter shade of bron, but that too is hard to see.
RonS 03/19/04 12:03 pm Thanks for the calification, Dave. Hey, Mickey, I confused about the direction [I know, what's new?:)]. I thought the camera is mounted on the North dside of the nest to minimize sun glare. This would make the edge furthers from the camera the South. This seem to be confirmed by the archives still of 3/25/04, where at 11:00 AM the shadow of the camera is in the center of the nest, pinting South. Can someone from DPOF clarify?
Thanks, RonS
Mickey 03/19/04 12:28 pm I think West is at about 11:00 in the nest.

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