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Thread subject: Where Are They Now?? (Cz etc....)
Name Date Message
Tiger 10/13/04 03:22 am So where are the babies now?

Is Spirit zipping away in front with Cz lumbering behind?

What are your thoughts?

Any phone calls Mickey??

Marie 10/13/04 09:35 am In my opinion I would say SPIRIT had flown the least distance for he was so slight. Hopefully he put on some valuable FAT for his migration. Hopefully he found a nice sea-side resort down Mexico way. He is learning Spannish right now.
'Buenas Diaz , Que haces hoy' ?
Gentle Peace may be somewhere close to Spirit but not in the same town, since Mexico is one of the westcoast ospreys destinations. As for our 'heavyweight' CZ. She had the FAT to fly the long distance to Central America. Costa Rica is her destination and she is loving it. Perhaps she has found mother, Betty, enjoying her new found freedom. They both are sunning themselves and eating well... ;-))
Grace 10/13/04 02:16 pm CZ is probably sitting on a branch somewhere screeching for someone to bring her dinner.
Cecilia 10/13/04 03:58 pm I think Grace is probably right :-)

Kathy 10/13/04 04:12 pm I second that!!
Lori 10/13/04 11:29 pm triple ditto :-)
Tiger 10/14/04 12:10 am In the words of Tricky Dicky.....this is get Cz time again......

Marie 10/14/04 01:54 am Fat fat fat....(one thing we all think CZ had an abundance of ).It is the one time when FAT really counts... ;-)) How quickly and how much of it that accumulates is so important when one is a bird and preparing for migration. Doubling ones weight is a necessary state for some birds as they prepare for this event. If you watch closely shorebirds 'PIGGING-OUT' on the mud flats and understand why it is necessary for these tiny creatures to fill-out for their very long migrations one feels like yelling at all the dog owners that let their dogs run-a-muck on the beach disturbing the birds while they feed-up at the waters edge. I love dogs but at these times they can interfere with the feeding frenzy that goes on. I believe I have read that these tiny sandpipers that run along the shores searching for food can fly non stop for 36 hrs during migration. Ospreys, as we have read in Tigers posts can fly long routes and for many hours too. I think I read recently a flight for one juvenile osprey took 60 hrs... seems such a feat for one bird to accomplish. Bar-tailed Godwits(large shorebirds) apparently are the long distance migrators who will fly non stop for 6 days from the northern hemisphere to the southern. I wonder who flew with them to really find that out??? Amazing info out there about BIRDS.
Tiger 10/14/04 04:06 am What was it that Julius Caesar said......Let have men about me that are fat, that Cassius has a mean and hungry look, such men are dangerous.....

Guess in view of later events he was right! :)

But YES fat is good for ospreys on migration.

Marie 10/14/04 09:21 am :-))
Grace 10/14/04 05:25 pm Now I know why i carry extra weight....i might need it for migration. :-))
Marie 10/14/04 05:39 pm LOL. So you have reveal your to Florida for a winter vacation,mmmmmm ????
Mickey 10/15/04 08:52 pm No calls yets Tiger. My gut tells me they are busy

I did get a call late one night last week from someone who obviously had to much to drink.Caller id said it was from Cuba !

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