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Thread subject: Message from Gessner
Name Date Message
Cecilia 10/13/04 04:05 pm Well I finally got my computer back with it's new hard drive so I'm hoping all the problems have been solved. I'm not holding by breath though, I've been fooled before.

I got a note from David Gessner a couple of days ago saying that he had just gotten back from Cuba and had a great trip. He promised that he would tell us about it after he'd had a few days to recover.

I just caught up with all of the news while I was off line. Thanks for the book recommendations etc. And Melanie...those pictures are wonderful. What a funny spot to pick, although I guess they're safe from racoons at least.
Lori 10/13/04 11:32 pm hey Ce... Good to read you! hope your computer behaves!!
Marie 10/14/04 09:31 am Good to see you are back Cecilia...hope this modern equipment doesn't let you down. It can be sooooooooo frustrating at times.
Look forward to hearing of David Gessners update and activities in Cuba.
I am trying to get info' from the bird sanctuaries around here when and where anyone last saw Ospreys fishing in their lakes. Certainly there were no ospreys seen at our mini-hawk-watch we held on the last W/E in September even though it was a gorgeous W/E.
Melanie 10/14/04 11:42 am It's a very common thing down here for the daymarkers in the creeks to have occupants. They may be safe from raccoons, but the owls are still an issue and if a chick falls from the nest, drowning is the certain fate. One of our editors, who lives on another creek in town, has scooped 3 drowned chicks out of her creek this season.

We had a major issue with the Annapolis Naval Station (NOT to be confused with the Naval Academy) a few years back - they had a major radio antenna setup on the Chesapeake that involved 10 very tall towers that were once used for transoceanic communications from the end of WWII to the beginning of the Cold War. While they had not been in use for a number of years, they decided that they would take them down and announced their decision. Unfortunately, their demolition date was in the middle of nesting season and every one of those towers had at least one nest in them. The Naval Station intended to simply blow the towers up, nest, chicks and all. They simply didn't care. I guess the opsreys were considered "unauthorized squatters". Needless to say, it took a court injunction to delay the demolition date. After nesting season, there was further controversy over it all and in the end, they destroyed only 7 of the towers instead of all 10 as was the original plan.
Cecilia 10/14/04 10:13 pm I think I've seen a photo of those towers somewhere. The picture had about 5 towers in a row and every one had a nest. They were only about 100 feet apart. Isn't it insane that they had to be stopped with a court order? I'm always saddened and amazed that people can be so...what?...cruel, stupid, thoughtless, uncaring, name it...about wildlife (and pets). what did the editor do with the rescued chicks? Plop them back in to the nest?
Melanie 10/15/04 10:13 am Unfortunately all three had drowned by the time she found them.
Celeste 10/15/04 11:20 am Sorry to hear about those always boils down to "who one knows".......when it came to protecting Pale Male, (the red tailed hawk who lived on a luxery apartment in Manhattan's "upper East Side"......the "birders" who fretted about these hawks, enlisted Mary Tyler Moore (an animal lover) who lived in the building to help them keep the building management from cleaning the nest away from one of the balconies, and also kept them from spraying to kill the rats, (not entirely), but at least during the nesting time. I am surprised the Federal Wildlife Dept. didn't get involved, as I thought the osprey are under their "protection".
cathy 10/16/04 12:39 am I saw an osprey today in a very wild place in the islands of Washington State. I am at a nature writing seminar and we took a boat trip through a very wild place called Deception Pass. The boat captain, a naturalist, said - "look, a peregrine falcon." I said - "that looks like an osprey". Everyone then acknowledged that it is an osprey and we watched it fish for a little while - no dives, though.

Annick Smith, one of the authors teaching, who was also on the boat with me, said there are many ospreys living along the rivers in Montana, where she lives. She said that a problem with ospreys was that they catch the koi and goldfish in golf course ponds, and then accidently drop them in the Blackfoot River where they proliferate. Its interesting that an unintended side effect of feeding osprey koi is to spread non-native species (although I am not sure how koi would survive in a wild river - maybe well, maybe not). Lots to think about now that my life has been enriched by learning about ospreys.
cathy 10/16/04 12:43 am Welcome back, Cecelia. I missed you.
Marie 10/16/04 01:13 am Cathy, sounds like you are having a great time. Wasn't that special that you were able to say ' it was an OSPREY' . How exciting to see one this late in the year. Now was it a juvenile or a male adult? Joking!!! Hope you will have some great hints to pass on about Nature writing. Have fun.
Celeste 10/16/04 06:07 am How interesting Cathy....sounds like you have definitely "plunged" into retirement and doing all the "special things"!
Cecilia 10/16/04 10:24 pm Cathy, it sounds like you are having a wonderful time...wish we were all there!!!! I missed you guys too, while I was computerless...I don't know too many other folks who will talk "osprey" with me :-)
cathy 10/17/04 01:53 pm I gave Gessner's book to Robert Pyle who is one of the instructors here - he is a great writer and hadn't heard of Gessner's book and was grateful. Robert writes for Orion Magazine, among other writings. Today I am taking a class from Willliam Kittridge - also a great writer.

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