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Thread subject: Fall's Glory
Name Date Message
Marie 10/15/04 09:45 am Well another week has flown by ...the leaves are rapidly changing around here but few have fallen to the ground. However, acorns and chestnuts litter the grass and sidewalks beneath the boulevard trees. Many parks are beconing the would-be naturalists and tourists to come spend a while enjoying the clours of the Fall. The weather out west is gorgeous. It maybe another month before all those changing leaves drop. We are all familiar with the sound that our feet make as we kick our way through a pile of brown, crunchy dry leaves. It is a lovely time of year. Don't forget to stand and admire those many red, orange, gold and bronze shapes as they pirouette, like ballerinas, from branches above. The most lovely of these fallen treasures I take home and press. A keepsake of a beautiful year. Thank you everyone for making it such an interesting one. Like the leaves each one of you is unique and have enriched my life.
Celeste 10/15/04 11:23 am Thank you Marie, I feel the same. It is so nice that we are all still participating in this website. We have learned so much from one another. Yes, Fall is arriving in New York, the trees are just starting to show their beautiful colors. There are plenty of mums and pumpkins on Long Island too. I always think of "Happy Trails to You" at this time of the year on the "Board"!
Pam 10/15/04 01:23 pm LOL - normally I agree with your Marie (in principle I still do) but when you have spent half an hour sweeping up all the leaves and conkers from under our horse chestnut tree in front of the house, you take a slightly different view! It all looks clean for a while and then the kids come home from school and start throwing things up at the tree to knock more down and out comes the brush again !!!
karen 10/15/04 02:56 pm Fall in Vancouver sounds like fall on Long Island! Thanks again Marie for breaking up my day with a peak into the outdoors!
Marie 10/15/04 05:04 pm LOL.......sorry to get you out there working Pam, but someone has to clean Gives me great visuals when you decribe falling 'conker's and mountains of leaves and naughty little children knocking more off the trees.
I myself much prefer to be walking and admiring the seasons. One of the why I live in an apartment so that OTHERS do the clean-up. Mind you my balcony needs much attention, for all my potted plants have been sadly neglected. Time for me to get busy too...My work at the hospital has got in the way of me being able to get out lately to walk or do the fall clean up of my balcony. Oh well..........
I like your idea of 'HAPPY TRAILS' to each other Celeste. All these replies have my MIND expanding in technicolour...
Lori 10/15/04 09:30 pm I always find myself singing John Denver.... It seems a shame to see September swallowed by the wind & more than that, it seems so sad to see the summer end & tho the changing colors are a lovely thing to see; if it were mine to make the change I think I'd let it be....... Yet I do love this time of year! I like raking and swishing through the leaves . The Carmens River is beautiful right now! The leaves change sooner around the lake and the reds are so vivid. The swans look remarkably much whiter than usual. The nights are cooler so you need a blanket and snuggling deep into the covers. Everything is sharper and Brighter! Happy Fall to you all! Thankyou Marie for making me think warm and fuzzy thoughts... I needed the remenicing to soothe my soul.
Marie 10/16/04 01:07 am Ah lovely Lori...anytime.
I could just see in my minds eye how pretty your area is by your description. White swans on blue/grey water and red maples.WOW ! That is such a great sight. While I was in Calgary, Alberta recently the colour of their fall leaves was all GOLD. Mostly trembling Aspen trees. No reds at all. It was pretty though against the big blue sky of the Prairies. Snuggle deeply as the colder nights draw in. ;-)

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