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Thread subject: More bird photos
Name Date Message
Pam 10/19/04 12:58 pm I have added some more photos to my Yahoo album, including some shots of mature and immature bald eagles, american black oystercatcher etc. If you are interested copy and paste the following link in your browser:

Bit quiet here - where is everyone ????
Celeste 10/19/04 03:31 pm I'm Here!!!!! Loved every single photo Pam........Thank you......on this very chilly,rainy New York day, looking at your photos makes one yearn for the summer!
Cecilia 10/19/04 05:08 pm Hi Folks...I've been missing in action...I'm just buried with work and don't get any to time to spend at my computer :-( I just checked in and saw your photos Pam, thanks so much for posting do such nice work!
Nancy L 10/19/04 07:04 pm Enjoyed the picts! Pam, did you take them? Where were they taken? I was checking my Gt.Br. map & see where you are. When my husband & I drove around England a few years back, we toured Haddam Hall Manor House - It looks like only about 70 km. from you. Have you ever been there? It was a GREAT place to see.
Nancy L 10/19/04 07:26 pm Oh, No!! My error!! The Haddon Hall is n/w of you - up past Matlock ( s. of Bakewell) - further away than I thought. Still a great visit!
Pam 10/20/04 12:24 pm Haddon Hall is not too far away, about an hour and a quarter in the car I would guess and in the past we have been there many times - lovely gardens. Derbyshire is a nice area, my brother lives there and actually does a lovely bed and breakfast at his cottage in Calver on the river Derwent. Nice walks around there. The pics in my album Nancy are all taken from Race Rocks website with the Analogx capture utility - so it is very lazy birdwatching but the only way I get to see so much wildlife (not too many eagles in our back garden LOL ). I am trying to get more pictures in my other RR folder, showing the elephant seals, sealions, seals etc. and will post the link when it is worth looking at :)
Pam 10/20/04 04:07 pm OK - I know it has nothing to do with ospreys or even birds but you may like to look at these other wildlife and weather pics taken from Race Rocks:
Celeste 10/20/04 04:22 pm Perfect viewing, on still another bone chilling Fall day here on Long Island!!!!! Thanks Pam!
Pam 10/20/04 04:55 pm You're welcome Celeste :)
Marie 10/20/04 07:01 pm Just checked in at Race Rocks and there are PAM'S great pics of the juvenile eagle flying in for some nourishment. Great captures Pam. I will have to download something to get the camera working at Race Rocks for me......Will try later as heading out for a walk.

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