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Thread subject: Photobucket film show.
Name Date Message
Marie 10/20/04 07:09 pm If you are interested here are a few of my PICS that my friend David has prepared for me in the photobucket web site.
My friend's(nature photographer) photos can be found at the same address. His are really great!
Celeste 10/20/04 09:15 pm Thank you Marie, your photos are outstanding and your nature photographer's were breathtaking!
"We" enjoyed them immensely!
Shelley 10/20/04 10:07 pm Oh, Marie, I agree with Celeste! Fabulous!! Thanks so much! Is your friend a professional photographer, is this what he does for a living? His photos seem way too *professional* to be just a casual hobby. Have they appeared in phot journals, magazines or such publications? I love his moon shots!
Lori 10/20/04 10:37 pm Marie your & your friends photos are outstanding! Thankyou both for sharing :-)
cathy 10/20/04 10:49 pm Those were great!! Each of your photos was wonderful. I especially enjoyed the black bear, the hummingbird and the "true friend". The true friend was love photographed. The huge moon over Victoria was "over the top", though.
Marie 10/21/04 01:35 am Thank you everybody...No David is not a professional photographer ...he is just like me...totally IMERSED in Nature... This is our hobby. We both have other means of work. We take photos so that we can share the beauty of 'Nature' with others and to teach. It is our way to glorify GOD'S Creation .
Tiger 10/21/04 02:45 am Those are wonderful Marie. Thanks for sharing!
Pam 10/21/04 06:33 am All I can say is "WOW" ! Hope you don't mind Marie, your photograph of Lake Louise is now on my desktop. These photographs have made me even more determined to return to Canada next year, hopefully Dennis will have TWO new knees to walk on by that time. What a wonderful country and simply stunning photographs.
Mickey 10/21/04 12:53 pm Holy cow !

That picture of Lake Louise gave me the chills :)
RonS 10/21/04 02:09 pm Magnificent!! Simply magnificent!!!
Marie 10/21/04 09:50 pm Thanks Guys!
Mickey, if you are chilled already wait till I post a winter scene of this place called Lake Loiuse. It gets real cold in the Rocky Mountains.
Cecilia 10/22/04 05:36 pm Marie...what fantastic photos...yours and your friends. Just the best! They have finally given me the urge to make up my own screensaver show...would that be allright with both if you? Thank you so much for posting them!
Marie 10/22/04 10:44 pm Please please everybody is a wonderful thing to do.

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