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Thread subject: Ossie - Satellite tracked Osprey
Name Date Message
Ann 10/22/04 03:56 pm The Hawk Conservancy Trust have issued a further press released on their web site. After an autopsy it has been found that Ossie had been shot again "fatally" this time.

The poor bird after all he had been through after being shot the first time. Life is so unfair.
Pam 10/22/04 04:31 pm That's unbelievable Ann. I wonder where the shooting actually happened and if we have any law in England against it. We have done so much to encourage ospreys to breed again here, protecting their nests and eggs but then, thinking about it, if someone can shoot a 14 year old girl in Nottingham, there sure as h... is someone who would think nothing of killing a bird. I despair.
Ann 10/22/04 05:03 pm I think he must have been shot in Spain following the notes on his journey.

As you say Pam it is too easy here to have a gun, even air rifles kill or maim, I work with a young chap who was shot in his forehead when he was about 14 and the surgeon said it was safer to leave the pellet in than try to remove it, they could damage his brain. It is too easy to obtain air guns whatever your age, people should have to obtain a licence to hold any firearms and have to be 21. Since the Internet there are always items on the news showing how easy it is to buy guns, knives whatever, no age or questions asked.

Can I ask where in England you live? I live in Lancashire, gun crimes are always on the news here mostly in Liverpool.
Marie 10/22/04 05:20 pm Hi you two.......this is devistating news....I just can't believe that in this day and age there are people that kill for the sheer pleasure and sport of it all. How terribly sad that this should happen to this bird again. I am of the belief that if you intentionally kill Birds then misfortune will follow you. I can only suggest that greater public awareness must be forthcoming via TV coverage in all countries that are part of the migration routes of these special birds.
Celeste 10/22/04 08:37 pm I agree Marie......only through education can one be "enlightened". We have seen on television how those who want to save the tigers, elephants, etc. make every effort to educate the people who live amongst these animals, and the results have been encouraging. However, I have never heard any mention of education regarding endangered, birds not being shot at as a sport. If you recall, in Winged Migration, there is a part of the movie that shows hunting during a migration. As we know in some countries, it was pure love of collecting osprey eggs, that now because of education, that sport has declined. How terribly sad that a perfectly healthy bird was shot twice. And yes, Ann, also sad but true, throughout this world, guns and other weapons can be bought so easily and so much tragedy is a result to humans as well.

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