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Thread subject: Oh Dave S !!
Name Date Message
Mickey 10/23/04 11:40 am So imagine my surprise when I visited the contributed pix section :)

Whats up with the new nest pole? *wink* Thought you would slip this by us did ya lol.
Where is it?
Who came up with the platform idea?
It looks like a bowl. What a fantastic idea!
Marie 10/23/04 12:40 pm Fantastic! Now we really get to see that Labour of Love in action. So please one of you at DPOF explain what is going on.......looks like a new nest pole being started. Love that circular structure. .......will we have two cameras now to watch? A sort of back up should something go wrong at Betty and Dennis's ( God forbid) . Look forward to hearing from Dave S or Tom T.
Celeste 10/23/04 12:46 pm Just the other day I was thinking that Dave has been awfully quiet....hmmm.....thank goodness Mickey has an "eye" on him......

Now Dave, please tell us a "story". We are all awaiting your "message"!!!!

And yes the perfect words as Marie said...a "Labour of Love"!!!!!
Mickey 10/23/04 05:04 pm Hes prolly not going to tell us because we proved ourselves very poor observers *sniff*

Those pics are dated 10/3 and we didnt notice till 10/23 *sniff* *sniff*

Please forgive us Dave ?
Celeste 10/23/04 06:27 pm Yikes, I didn't THINK of that......well, maybe we can tell him we were too busy "contemplating" the season, learning more and more about osprey, etc., etc......the dog wouldn't let me look at the am I doing?

Anyways, Dave, we are ALL looking forward to any messages from you!
Mickey 10/23/04 06:42 pm Cec has a rock solid excuse.Her pc was broke.
Ok hows this.........Celeste and my optonline connection has been hosed since 10/4 :)
Celeste 10/23/04 07:34 pm Perfect......sounds good to me....let's go with that. Think Dave will be "on to us"?
Mickey 10/23/04 08:10 pm Lets hope not......You know when I first saw the thumbnail picture of the new nest I screamed at the monitor. I said OMG they tore down the old nest !
Then I breathed deep and thought "why are they puting sticks in a satellite dish"
It sorta kinda looks like a dish doesnt it?
I hope they put enough sticks and sea weed up there to create a solid base. Lets guess where you think the new nest is.Where does everyone think it is?

I hope its the abandoned pole just North East of the DPOF nest.
Celeste 10/23/04 10:47 pm I was thinking the same.....hope they added much more nesting material.....if you do a close up of the last photo it looked to me like it was a metal didn't occur to me that it was another platform nest. Now that you mention it you must be right. I at first thought they had to replace the nest we observe because it was damaged somehow since we last saw it. I think I know which pole you are referring too. Wouldn't it be something if there was an alternative nest for observations? Too expensive, however. Now Dave, we have lots of questions, theories, etc., .................
Dave S 10/24/04 08:05 am It's an old platform on the Puleston property that hasn't been getting used. We thought it might attract more Osprey attention if we put some branches on it. Sorry, no camera on this one. The pictures were just posted a day or so ago, but they were taken on 10/03 as we were taking the camera down.
Pam 10/24/04 08:44 am Ah, you fooled everyone Dave :))) and there they were making up all their excuses from October 3 (a significant date for me as it is my birthday). Walking the dogs, computer down, educating themselves :)) :)) yeah, yeah !!!! BTW I found the photos took an age to appear because they are bitmaps so have only looked at one or two so far. If our ospreys returned and favoured the new location to build in preference to the existing one would the camera be moved do you think ??
Pam 10/24/04 09:08 am Happy Belated Birthday, Pam! So no one believed our excuses?! Hmm....I am glad you mentioned how slow the photos took to download....not being computer savvy, thought it was "my" computer.

Oh and Dave thanks for the update!!!! Is the equipment ok to go on "our" nest?
Celeste 10/24/04 09:10 am Yikes, Pam I wrote the above!!!!! No excuses at all!!!!
Mickey 10/24/04 11:47 am Happy belated B-Day Pam.

Dave.........what gives with the unique nest platform? Whats it made of? Who put it up there?How is it affixed to the pole top? Ok so Im nosey :)
Marie 10/24/04 12:31 pm Happy Birthday, PAM. Hope you had a good one.
Yes I must admit those pictures that Dave posted are HUGE when one wants to look at the 'BIG PICTURE' . Great to see everything so close though. Mickey, the structure resembled a Hoola hoop to me. Some cleaver wiring had created some groundwork for a base, so that the ingenious people at DPOF could support their twigs. Lets hope this works. How high from the ground is the B & D osprey nest? Any of you lucky folk at that pic-nic should be able to answer my question. In some photos it doesn't look to be more that 25-30ft up. This new one doesn't appear too high either.
It is amazing where some ospreys do choose to nest. In the interior of BC there is a beautiful lake called Kootney Lake and along side the ferry dock are some large pilons. On top of one of these right where the ferry docks, is an osprey nest. Eight years ago when I used this ferry the female was on eggs and she never even budged when we tied up. Guess these birds are really adaptable. I was on the top deck and could look right into the nest. I took a picture so will post it for you to see. I could almost touch her. Imagine how neat it would have been if there had been a couple of juveniles to observe and photograph.
Dave S 10/24/04 02:01 pm Sorry about the picture size. I resized them and they are now a bit more reasonable. The round platform is an old wheel. I don’t know the history of the platform, but the hope is we may tempt a new pair to give it a try. As for the camera, wellâ€Â¦ It isn’t fixed just yet, but we haven’t given up.
Mickey 10/24/04 02:52 pm A wheel ! wow ! I would have never guessed it was flat. To me it looked like a bowl. A wheel is a great idea. Dave, do you people have plans to at least give the wheel a solid nest "floor" ? If you need a small bucket truck to make things easier all you have to do is ask. I have been looking at the way you get up there using that ladder and it looks very dangerous. I have many friends at the Riverhead LIPA yard who I know can help. I actually have a climbing belt and spikes too. Looking at that wheel now,I feel that you can get Ospreys into it. Its a great idea! I think all it needs is a solid nest floor so nothing falls through yes?
you can reach me at
Marie 10/24/04 06:43 pm Mickey, I would say solid is not best in this case. Having seen the amount of rain that fell while Betty was incubating at night it would seem that rain water needs to seep through and out of the bottom of the nest. If there was a solid floor she and her eggs would surely float away over the top. She needs to be on a my opinion.
Mickey 10/24/04 07:50 pm Marie......solid was a poor choice of words. I meant solid so we cant see the sky standing under it looking up. Once I saw all the DPOF people in Daves pix I knew that this will have Osprey in it this Spring. On my next call from South America I will have to tell 2 young adults about a new nest :)
Lori 10/24/04 09:20 pm I predict there will be no problems filling the nest with an osprey family. Long Island is going to become an osprey riviera! ;-) & Brookhaven will be the "hamptons" for all osprey

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