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Thread subject: 1st Collect Call
Name Date Message
Mickey 10/24/04 12:02 pm This one caught me off guard and as you can see I didnt get to say much.

Operator:do you accept a collect call from a friend?
Mickey:yes I do operator
Mickey:Hello? Who is this? Is anyone there?

Other end: ¡Hola cada uno que nos miró este summer.Its yo CZ! Llegué aquí en Suramérica primero y como usted puede ver Im que aprende la lengua local. I`ve que vuela alrededor del alot que busca un agujero agradable de la pesca. I los huesos sustanciosos posteriores que iban encontrado el havent con todo de tan Im South.My demostró ser un activo afterall.I tiene que cortar este cortocircuito de la llamada pues la cuenta del teléfono de Mickeys será alot este invierno. Adiós para ahora.

Marie 10/24/04 12:34 pm please translate...
Celeste 10/24/04 01:46 pm Well, not only does CZ speak loudly in osprese, but he has become proficient in Spanish. He learned the language in South America, heh? Can any of CZ's siblings translate for her?
Mickey 10/24/04 02:33 pm what fun would it be if I translated that today? :)

I cheated using a online translator just for the record :p
Pam 10/24/04 03:12 pm LOL Mickey - here is my translation back to English using an online translator - it makes about much sense as the Spanish - actually no.....I will leave you to do it ...... :))
Cecilia 10/24/04 03:49 pm Mickey, you luckey dog! How nice that you got a call. Well, my Spanish is pretty rusty but I would say that it was CZ who called and that she is pleased with the fishing :-) Excellent!!! I hope she's keeping an eye out for Peace and Spirit.
Lori 10/24/04 09:14 pm Mickey? Does CZ say something about a substantial posterior!?!?!!? LOL :-0 also something about getting totally tan too? :-)
Karen 10/25/04 08:56 am Mickey glad to hear you got a call ... even if all I can figure is that it was from CZ! If they call again tell her to pass the word to Freedom and Liberty that Dave is building them a nest in the nieghborhood!
Mickey 10/25/04 10:22 am translation:

Hello everyone that watched us this summer.Its me CZ ! I arrived here in South America first and as you can see Im learning the local language. I`ve been flying around alot looking for a nice fishing hole. I havent found one yet so Im going further South.My meaty bones proved to be a asset afterall.I have to cut this call short as Mickeys phone bill will be alot this winter. Bye for now.
Marie 10/25/04 11:20 am Thanks Mickey....keep those phone calls coming!
Ann 10/25/04 04:00 pm Thanks for the news Mickey it has lifted my spirits to know that some birds do make it south with no harm coming to them.

Hope they have plenty of sun tan lotion with them.

Look forward to hearing the news as it happens (hope your phone bills aren't enormous or you will be asking us for donations).

Melanie 10/26/04 01:45 pm Hmmmm.... so sustanciosos posteriores = meaty bones? How diplomatic!
Mickey 10/26/04 05:08 pm Mel............anyway you say it, it still comes out wrong doesnt it ? *wink*

Theres just no nice way to say hey CZ your fat lol

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