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Thread subject: VERY UPSET
Name Date Message
Celeste 10/24/04 01:23 pm It has come to my attention that an erroneous, yet hurtful message was made in early October using my name.

I hope that this message board does not become a venue to being disrespectful to others and remains what it has been in the past, a community of people coming together to share their delight in nature. Though I had hesitated to even give this any attention, I also feel I should defend my integrity.
Marie 10/24/04 02:39 pm YES CELESTE,,,,,,,,,I had noticed this message right away but knew immediately it couldn't possibly be YOU.
Just felt it was better not to say anything. There were a few tense message threads at that time. I always believe it is better to stand back and count to ten, better still, if one is angry to revisit the problem the next day for it is amazing how ANGER can melt away over a short period of time.
Kathy 10/24/04 03:33 pm I knew that couldn't have come from you and who ever posted your name to it, is a coward.
Cecilia 10/24/04 03:52 pm It is always sad when something as harmless and fun as this board has become gets trashed by someone who doesn't care about the sensibilities of the group. I suggest that we all move on and that perhaps Dave can remove the offending message?
Mickey 10/24/04 04:47 pm Maybe next year Tom can make the board so you register a nickname with a password and a valid email address (not yahoo or the like). This way when you post as a certain nickname we know its really them. I agree with Kathy.The persons a coward. Several of us could very easily volunteer some time to help if its needed.
Grace 10/24/04 08:29 pm Celeste- Don't fret....I don't really think that any of us who have been regular readers thought for even one second that it was from you. Isn't it amazing how mean some people can be? I've seen similar things happen on other boards, too.
Lori 10/24/04 09:04 pm I think I like Cecilia's idea best!
Karen 10/25/04 09:06 am How sad that this could happen. I think a password would be a good idea. This should be a place for those of us who love nature to share our obsessions with each other ... Most people I share this Osprey/bird interest with usually listen politely and chalk me up to "a little nuts but nice" category. Checking into this board and this group reassures me that I am not alone! ( maybe stilla little nuts but nnot alone!).
Marie 10/25/04 11:18 am Lori are not 'nuts' and you are never alone. My belief is that WE who LOVE and Study Nature are EVOLVED. We have risen to a new rung on the ladder of LIFE. We have been singled out to protect what we love. We have been given a special Gift. For those people that have no interest in Nature, I see them as people with out a KEY to life. Without Respect for all life. Their argument is well taken, but I have seen, and firmly believe that the pursuit of money , power and material things doesn't bring happiness in the long run. Nature gives me and many others complete JOY and PEACE. Perhaps it is as well that we aren't all the same for I would hate it when I wanted to commune with Nature and there were hundreds of people in the same spot where I wanted to be. Part of the JOY received from Nature is having alone time to be completely immersed in the environment. We are all different and pursue different goals. Respect for each other is yet another KEY that we all need in order to be enriched by life's experiences. Just my OPINION.
Nancy L 10/25/04 08:41 pm Marie, thats exactly how I feel when I walk in the woods - there are many nature preserves around here. Sometimes I think of taking a friend, but then I often don't, because we would "talk," and I really like to be all alone to enjoy the peace and nature. I have come face-to-face with a fox, a muskrat, deer, and watched many snapping turtles, a great blue heron catch and swallow a toad, a wood duck family with a dozen chicks swimming behind, and too much more to mention.
Lori 10/25/04 09:51 pm Dear Marie.... actually I am- nuts but not for the reasons KAREN stated. Your opinion is well respected!! & appreciated :-)
Marie 10/26/04 01:32 am Whoops......I am the crazy one around here.......LOL. I am sorry, my message should have been for Karen.....and I appologise Lori for thinking you were thinking that you were a 'little nuts' ... Gee , now I am really in hot water Forgive ME ....everyone. :-)
Grace 10/26/04 10:07 am I go on my nature journeys alone too, or with my dog. People talk too much! I've been known to interrupt them mid word if I spot a bird. LOL
cathy 10/27/04 12:00 am Posting that message was a cruel thing to do since Celeste is a beloved poster, as is the subject of the cruel post. The post was clearly not from Celeste - I recognized that right away, but I think people like that may want attention - or to observe the reaction.
This site is fortunate, since almost without exception, people have valued and respected Peace, Spirit and Chickzilla.
Cecilia 10/27/04 11:05 am Dave and Tom are looking into setting up the message board with pass word requirements...which will keep people who aren't registered from posting and will create a "trail" if someone who is registered posts inappropriately. It's not as easy as one would think so it may take some time...all of it volunteer as we all know. Thanks, Tom and Dave, for what ever system you can come up with!

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