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Thread subject: Do you remember?
Name Date Message
Nancy L 10/24/04 09:16 pm Our young "friends" named: Freedom & Liberty. They may be returning to our area next Spring, right? Maybe one of them will nest on the "new" platform. But we'll never really know, will we?
Lori 10/24/04 09:23 pm no Nancy we will never "know" but we could make it so... if we wanted to! :-)
Marie 10/25/04 12:16 am Yes we will be looking out for last years young returning to their natal nest. Hopefully the young respect their parents and won't cause a fuss. These birds fight to secure nest sites and I have seen an osprey this year bleeding from a fight. Presumably the young recognise their parents and don't fight with them. I wonder if anyone knows?
Celeste 10/25/04 03:33 am Like Lori, I am assuming that Freedom and Liberty will "peacefully" arrive and add on to "our family":)
Karen 10/25/04 08:59 am Is there any chance that someone will be able to recognize these birds if they came back to this nest? I never got very good at recognzing "our" birds but know that some of the regulars were able to do this ... but would there be any markings that would identify after 2 years?
RonS 10/25/04 03:56 pm I wonder if there will be any "homecoming" phone call to Mickey.
Mickey 10/25/04 06:14 pm Karen......I honestly dont think any of us could tell if it was really Freedom or Liberty. I would only be guessing. But I am sending positive vibes with the adding of sticks to the Wagon Wheel nest site. Does anyone from last year think they could tell if it was Freedom or Liberty if they popped in for a visit?
Cecilia 10/25/04 06:38 pm I wouldn't be able to tell them apart much less from other juvies :-) This year I got a much better handle on Betty and Dennis and eventually the chicks but mostly because of the female's necklaces. But I'm perfectly willing to believe that any bird that shows up at the wagon wheel nest is either Freedom or Liberty :-)
RonS 10/26/04 09:02 am It might prove interesting if to see if there are any more "attacks" on the nest by other osprey. I wonder if they are previous fledglings returning home.

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