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Thread subject: Woods Hole osprey update
Name Date Message
Karen 10/26/04 10:17 am Osprey trackers,
I've just put up new maps for Bluebeard, the adult male from
Aquinnah (nee Gay Head) on Martha's Vineyard, who is very much on the
Nothing new for Jaws, who has been in the same area in
Colombia where he arrived over 3 weeks ago.
No good signals from Elsie for several days, which is worrisome.
There are now links to jump into the map sequences from both
the Mid-Atlantic stages of the migration as well as from Cuba. You'll
see these when you follow the shortcut link to Migration 2004.
I don't have an easy way to make a link from one series of
maps to anyplace but the first maps when you switch to another bird's
map sequence. Best way to avoid having to retrace a whole map
sequence is to back up to the Migration page and get the shortcut for
a different bird there.



Rob Bierregaard
Biology Dept.
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte NC 28223

704 333 2405
cathy 10/26/04 11:51 pm This is almost as good as a collect call - maybe even better!
Tiger 10/27/04 03:11 am Thanks ever so much for that Karen. tracking is so exciting!

Mickey 10/27/04 09:34 am these are way better then the collect calls because these stories are true :)
cathy 10/27/04 10:18 am Osprey tracking is one view of the migrations; collect calls have alot more detail which I appreciate.
Ann 10/27/04 04:23 pm Help! What am I doing wrong I can't find the migration pages and Rob's link doesn't work it says they are having trouble with the server.

Ooh I am so thrilled to know someone is tracking Ospreys is there a website telling the story of the Ospreys mentioned, Bluebeard etc.?


RonS 10/27/04 05:04 pm Ann,
1. Copy the link ( into your browser address field.
2. When it opens, click on the "Osprey Maps" button on the upper left.
3. Enloy!!
Marie 10/28/04 06:30 pm Thanks Karen, these maps are so interesting. We are so lucky in many respects to be able to continue our obsession with Ospreys even at this late date.
Guess what BIRD is called the
'PRINCE of the REDSEA' guess it......
I found an article today on the Osprey at the RedSea which suggests the possibility of a distinct small population of these birds as resident all year. I wonder too if Ospreys that live in New Zealand and Australia remain resident or do ospreys in Australia go to NZ and visa versa. What about TAZMANIA too.? Do populations, if they exhist there,in New Guinea migrate south into Australia. There doesn't seem to be a vast distance between these two places for the birds to cross over water. All rather interesting when one starts to think of other places than North America and England and even the Scandanavian countries. Any one out there with any ideas?
Ann 10/29/04 04:11 pm Thank you RonS, I'm a happy bunny now, previous link I tried did not work.
karen 11/01/04 08:15 am On our trip to Kenya and Tanzania we had a guide who could not find animals but kept finding and pointing out "Fish Hawks". Since this predated my interest in birds in general and this osprey site I would look up and see a bird in a tree! But now that I know I can tell you that the Osprey is plentiful in East Africa in AUgust ... they must be juveniles staying over the first summer.
Celeste 11/01/04 09:10 am Well that is certainly is also amusing that the Guide had "our Osprey" to point out when what one expects to see in Africa didn't show itself!!!!
ellie ketcham 11/14/04 05:17 pm My server (enhanced by google) can't find the website I copied for osprey maps: ( . What's wrong?

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