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Thread subject: Celestial Moments.
Name Date Message
Marie 10/29/04 01:59 am October 27th was a great day here in Victoria. It dawned a beautifully clear day. As I drove to work at 6.50am Venus, like a diamond shone from the dark velvety night sky. Another planet, Jupiter kept her company. This to me, was a good sign for the entire day. A sunny day with no precipitation were the perfect conditions to observe the Lunar Eclipse which was schedule later that day. 6.15pm to be precise here on the west coast.
The big orange, harvest moon rose above the horizon just to the right of Mt. Baker.
.It cast a golden moon- wake across the water as it rose higher into the sky. Warmly clad observers flocked to various parts of Victoria to watch this event. There was a chill to the early evening air. My friend and I drove to a rocky area called Cattle Point to take in the evolving scene. We had bought our supper at the local fish and chip shop and were now sitting in the car popping our hot fries. It wasn't long before we could see the first nibble of the advancing shadow of the earth. The lowest left edge of the moon was the choice spot. As time passed and the fading light of the day disappeared, the moon gained more altitude. It's colour changed to more of a rosey/grey as more of the light of the moon was swallowed up. This was an awesome sight. I found it to be quite magical. Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch the entire event as I was expected at a meeting by 7.30pm Still I waited till the moon was completely covered and no moon glow visible, before I made an effort to get where I needed to be. These Celestial events don't happen every day so I know my priorities. I can attend a meeting any time! Fortunately, I wasn't hosting this meeting. The memory of this great event will last a lifetime. For once on the west coast, no meterological disturbance blocked my vision.
Tiger 10/29/04 05:48 am Awww how lovely. Sadly we were not so lucky her in the UK.

Firstly it was at an earthly hour and secondly it was cloudy.

As you may know the moon meets Venus once a month in the morning sky these days. Last time was on October 10/11 and looked lovely.

Next time will be about November 8.

Marie 10/29/04 09:23 am Thanks Tiger.....I will look out for that wonderful 'togetherness'
Nancy L 10/29/04 02:49 pm I, too enjoyed a goodly portion of the lunar eclipse - between 9P.M. & midnight here on the east coast. By then, the moon was high in the sky. Don't you just love seeing the moon when it just rises, & seems SO BIG?
Tiger 10/30/04 04:05 am Nancy. The moon seeming SO BIG on rising is one of the great illusions of nature. Much has been written on the subject but I am not sure that a definitive answer has ever been found.

cathy 10/31/04 10:43 pm
All about the moon illusion...
What a wonderful description, Marie. I am writing this from the Sacramento airport on Halloween. I just finished a tour of the water sources for Southern California. It was quite an interesting experience which I will describe here - maybe tomorrow - or if anyone wants more info, I will be happy to provide it. I did ask a wildlife biologist if he had seen any ospreys migrating through, and he said "yes" - they are magnificent birds! As I looked out on the fields where there had once been wetlandsl, though I worried about our migrating friends. Thanks again, Marie for the description.
Marie 11/01/04 07:27 pm Cathy, do tell us more about your interest in Southern California and the water sources. What are you up to....;-))
Marie 11/01/04 07:57 pm Good info on the moon.......thanks for posting the link.

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