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Thread subject: Vancouver Island Osprey Survey
Name Date Message
Marie 10/30/04 01:00 pm Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on this web site( type in the above for Google search) last evening.I guess I have a lot of INFO that these three biologists might be interested in. If you have time there are places to go within this site, including BIRD QUIZZ'S and learning about gulls. It is relatively new so not all the information is there, but it is a good site for Osprey nest sightings in the future when they have all the info. So glad little 'ol Victoria is making her mark in this great big world.
Celeste 10/30/04 03:01 pm I have briefly looked at the site and it looks interesting. You certainly can contribute info to them! Nice to have a new site to get acquainted with. Thank you.
Pam 10/31/04 07:23 am That website already looks interesting Marie but I am sure you could contribute a LOT to it. I like the photos, particularly the one of the long-tailed jaeger, I would like to see one of those but don't think it is likely, they seem to live very far north. Have seen one or two bald eagles at RR but not able to get a good photo yet - still hoping. I was contacted by a reporter on the Vancouver Province newspaper recently - he is doing an article on wildlife viewing on the internet, in particular RR, his theme being the development of technology to allow educational opportunities for people viewing wildlife long distance on computers. I mentioned our ospreys and orca-live, the polar bear cam, Africam etc. He is going to send me a copy of the article when it is published. He was very interested in the "View nesting birds" website also as a link to lots of other webcams.
Marie 11/01/04 02:30 am Well done PAM......amazing isn't it all.......this connection with far away places and far away people. Makes this planet seem such a small world after all. I love watching the FRODO cam from Australia and PIPPIN the smalest of the Peregrine Falcons. I wonder if those AUSSIES care about ospreys too.
karen 11/01/04 08:35 am The worldwide connections of the Internet are amazing. I tell many people about ( and I hope I get this right ) about Pam in England using the race rocks site in Vancouver to photograph birds and then share them with this website and me sitting in Long Island NY! It is truly amazing. I know that my bird interest has shown me many things I never would have known about and the Internet is one of them!

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