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Thread subject: A Red Hawk Video from MIT......
Name Date Message
Celeste 10/31/04 11:05 am After reading the below post of Pam's about doing a search for "viewing nesting birds", I came across a charming video presented at MIT's graduation this past June. Seems a pair of red-tail hawks made a nest near the college and the students set up a 12 hour streaming video for all to watch. At graduation they put together a film used in their commencemnt. The link is as follows.....
Pam 10/31/04 04:13 pm That was really interesting Celeste. A friend sent me a pic of a red tailed hawk at RR recently so I will pass on the link. The whole film reminded me of the DP ospreys, including the rocket. It is also another instance of birds adapting to the environment, after all cycle seats make very good perches. Did you find the view nesting birds site ? - if anyone is interested the link is:
Unfortunately, many of the cams have closed down now, but there is still plenty to look at.
Celeste 10/31/04 07:38 pm Yes your suggestion was excellent. There is a lot to explore.......that is how I found the MIT video.....I'm going to keep exploring that site. Thanks!
Marie 11/01/04 02:34 am Celeste, that video was great of the little Red tailed Hawks. We out west finally got to see the PALE MALE documentary on PBS last Sunday. It was so informative and such a delight to watch.
Celeste 11/01/04 06:06 am I am glad you got to see Pale Male. I never tire watching it. Especially when you see the emotions of the people waiting for the chicks to fledge. It''s like watching all of "us"!!!!
karen 11/01/04 08:31 am The video is great and the book it is based on also wonderful " Red Tails in Love". The only resident hawk on Long Island is the Red Tail and they perch on the highway lights! They clearly adapt well to suburban environment.
Thanks for links I have copied and pasted for watching during luch hour.
Marie 11/01/04 05:07 pm You are so right Celeste, watchng all those concerned and motherly souls(people) in Pale MALE was somewhat reminiscent of us all here at DPOF. They just needed to know that their little ones did OK. :-))
Cecilia 11/01/04 09:21 pm I've been working like a dog and go days without even getting a chance to check in on you guys :-( But tonight I sat down and caught up and I just watched the MIT hawk video...what a nice job! I'm so glad that some of those more technically focused people had a chance to get involved with nature...maybe a few will end up using their engineering education to work with wildlife in some way as a result! Thanks Celeste.

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