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Thread subject: Finnish Osprey update
Name Date Message
karen 11/01/04 11:05 am New update on Finnish osprey site but only really new info is that Mirja made it across the Sahara. There are 3 birds but 2 have defective transmiters but they both flew south last fall and returned to their nest sites with the transmiiters intact which I though interesting based on ongoing debate about how these devices affect the birds migration. For anyone who has not read the Mirja story it is very intersting just clickon Mirja in the website ... to read the latest you have to scroll down quite a ways!

Dear Karen,
Our pages on satellite tracking have been updated.
With best regards,

This is the site
Celeste 11/01/04 05:43 pm After reading the above about word comes to mind....AMAZING!!!
Marie 11/01/04 06:16 pm Simply AMAZING.......the more I read of these birds the more respect for these incredible creatures I have. Thanks for the update on this bird Karen. Wouldn't we all love to know which country Spirit went to as well as Peace and CZ....what a fascinating adventure story for a book.....'MY LIFE AS AN OSPREY'.We should all write a chapter of our journey, one leg at a time. Imagine the thrill of it all as we cross great bodies of water in the dark, fly over mountain ranges in storms, cross barren, hot deserts, dodge bullets aimed to kill and finally to fish with other ospreys in abundant waters at the end of our migration.A sort of lotus land, our reward.!!! MMMMMMM my mind is racing. ;-)
Cecilia 11/01/04 09:36 pm Reading about Mirja just makes me nervous :-) My God...all those countries that she visited...some are at war, some are so poor they might eat ospreys and the whole route looks so dangerous. It is truly amazing that any of them come back from migration. And I don't know if I misunderstood but it seemed like she didn't stay up north for any time to speak of? Like she was heading back almost a few days after she got there? I must have misread that. Anyway, thanks Karen.

I was wondering if anyone knows the longest an oprey has been tracked? Only a couple of years because the transmitters wear out?
Marie 11/02/04 02:55 am No you are right Cecilia...Mirja stayed only four days I believe and then started back again.(She had nothing better to do I guess for she was only two yrs old.) It appears that young ospreys like to dilly daddle in places along their chosen route and take some much needed(R&R ) The jist of what I have read was that the total migration flying days amounted to only 22 in this scenario, however it took Mirja 62 days to make the entire trip from Cameroon to Finland and much the same on the return journey. Guess she might have been checking out other immature ospreys as future mates at good feeding locations along the way. Only conjecture on my part for I have no idea really. Perhaps when they are three years and older there is an urgency to return much more quickly to the breeding nest sites. I think I read somewhere, that it could take as little as 3 weeks to make that journey when they have breeding on their minds...

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