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Thread subject: Venus and Jupiter
Name Date Message
Marie 11/03/04 09:35 am All you early birds need to be looking skyward before sunrise, preferably at 6am( that isn't too early) to take a peek at the sky. You will be rewarded by the Jewels ! Venus and Jupiter will be very close together on the morning of the 4th of Novemeber . Such a pretty sight first thing in the morning. It makes my day as I head to work.
Celeste 11/03/04 10:19 am Thanks Marie! As you know, I am one of "those" birds!
Lori 11/03/04 09:36 pm Hi Marie & Celeste november 4th is my birthday!
I won't be up at 6 but I will be stating my day @ 6:30 am. You can take a picture for me though!

Marie 11/04/04 01:05 am Ha Ha Lori, Have a great day. Happy Birthday! Having looked at the Sky charts, Astronomy Links it would appear that the morning of the 5th will be the conjunction of these two, Jupiter and Venus, meaning at their closest position in the early morning sky. Infact the month of November is going to be quite a month for 'Planet' line up in the pre-dawn sky. Not only that, but the Leonid meteor shower should impress on the night of the 17th for those who like staying up after midnight... :-)
Happy sky watching.......I know Celeste is up real early.......
Celeste 11/04/04 06:01 am Happy Birthday to you, Lori!!!!!

I was up early-----the sky is very overcast, we expect rain! We have had such beautiful days up until today!
Kathy 11/04/04 10:58 am Have a wonderful Birthday Lori!

Marie, thank you for the info about the Leonid meteor. I am one of those who stays up past midnight and will enjoy watching the sky.
Marie 11/04/04 05:35 pm Do check the Astronomy sites for pre-dawn sky events for November to get all the latest info and exact dates. It was cloudy here this am so didn't get to see the JEWELS of the night sky. Perhaps tomorrow AM. as I rush off to work!
Lori 11/04/04 10:39 pm I forgot about the meteor shower!! I am more likely to see the meteors--unfortunately late nights are more my forte'. When we were younger we would spend summers at the beach- in August there is a meteor shower too, I remember lying on the fly bridge of the boat for hours & watching the meteors flash through the sky. We really live in an awsome universe don't we?!?
Thanks for all my Birthday wishes!! I had a great day!!

Marie 11/05/04 09:24 am I hope that everyone had a chance to see the Jewels of the night. It is clear here so Venus on the left and Jupiter on the right looked wonderful in our night sky. They appear to be apart from each other only the width of the moon, however this is from earth's perspective. We know that it is an illusion for these two planets are millions or is it billions of miles apart. Space and it's objects of curiousity is such and interesting subject to study.
cathy 11/05/04 10:58 am I got up, but there was fog - so I went back to bed. Maybe tomorrow..
Matt 11/05/04 09:45 pm Check for updates. November 8th will mark the day that Earth passes through a very old trail of the Leonids. However, Europe and Asia appear to be the best to see this. For the rest, November 19th should be good.
Marie 11/06/04 09:35 am It's raining down here this am ....nothing to see. Only the rain to hear....... ;-((

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