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Thread subject: Autumn's Dreary Days.
Name Date Message
Marie 11/09/04 09:40 pm Well it is almost the middle of November now.......that much closer to the new year and the "Return of the Ospreys". Till that wonderful day in March,and the DPOF is up and running again, I try to keep a watch out for three pairs of eagles within my immediate vicinity. Now that Halloween is over and the clocks have been put back it seems a race against time. Everywhere there is a look of autumn. Shorter days give way to those grey and browns of a closing year. Much of the ground below the sleepy trees is now covered with brown, moist and withered leaves. This is a look I am not fond of. However, I do realize that in order to make way for new life, the old must fade away. Spring is not so far off, I tell myself.
Once home from work I have to dedicate myself to getting out and about much earlier, as the light of day fades away much too fast. The west coast of BC has taken on a distinct fall look. The sea most days has adopted a stealey grey colour while the fog rolls in making it difficult to see beyond the bay. Grey is not my favorite colour, nor is brown! Certainly, I am enamoured by the colour BLUE and I miss it! By Thursday, they say the weather should change again and flood my world, hopefully with blue and gold. ;-)) Still, I mustn't complain for the eagles are out there. They are very evident when one looks. They are either sitting together in partially leafed deciduous trees or alone in one of many tall fir trees that dot the local golf course. They seem to be keeping an eye on the local gull/duck population. My favorite pair, the Willows Beach twosome, I observe most often out on one of their favorite islands enjoying a hard earned catch-of-the-day. Their white heads appear to fade almost into the grey dullness of the autumn skies. It has been particularly grey, wet and foggy of late but quite warm for November, 8-12 degrees. Too much work over the past two weeks has kept me from participating in my passion, Nature, but Sunday I did have one of those beautiful encounters with a Great Blue Heron standing quietly, almost hidden, in a golden leafed tree at Fisherman's wharf. It was trying to get some 'shut-eye' and hoped no one would notice it. I almost missed the heron even though it was at eye level a short distance away. A small inlet was between me,the car and the heron. It was a sight to behold. Here amongst the changing leaves was this large grey bird surrounded by pure 'gold'. It had it's head and neck drawn in to it's grey cloak. A familiar look of any sleepy eyed heron. Guess fall isn't so bad after all. It can provide colour and surprises like no other time of year.
cathy 11/10/04 12:20 am I certainly hope you got a photo of that heron in the fall colors. Thank you for the lyrical description.
Celeste 11/10/04 04:26 am It all still sounds so beautiful Marie. Thank you. Here on the East Coast we have been ablaze with color, however we definitely have winter in the air. Yesterday, while driving in the late afternoon to a park relatively nearby, the scenery on the way has changed with many trees no longer filled with leaves. There is a sense of "winter" now. It was late afternoon, and a park that was filled with summer visitors only weeks ago now had myself and a couple of other cars. However, the deer had seized the opportunity and were out and about! After watching the gulls bathe or fish for a while it was time to go as now this park was closing at 4:30pm. We have had a pretty chilly fall and "they" are forecasting a wet winter. Though there are many wonderful things about living in a warm climate all year---the change of seasons makes the coming of Spring and Summer all the more sweeter, (that's what I keep telling myself anyways!). I will stay "tuned" to your eagle reports!
karen 11/10/04 11:00 am Fall on Long Island has been beautiful this year altho today is cold like a winter day and we had our first freeze! I am now busy trying to learn all the feeder birds in my back yard ... especially those various sparrows. I signed up for the Cornell Feeder watch and that starts Nov 13 so I need to know those birds soon ... And if the old wives tale about busy and fat squirrells is true we are in for a cold and wet winter!
Nancy L 11/10/04 04:21 pm And while you, Karen, were posting the above message, I was taking my 4 mile walk in the Connetquot Preserve in Great River, here on L.I. It was only about 3-4 degrees above freezing this morning, but luckily no wind. I took a friend for her first Connetquot experience, and luckily, only about 5 minutes into the walk a trio of deer went bounding into the woodland to the side. We passed only 1 person in 2 hours - a jogger on the horse trail at Bunce's Bridge. Many ducks & swans were out, but I didn't bring my binoculars so we probably missed a few other birds. It was a beautiful morning to be out.
cathy 11/10/04 07:47 pm Here is some Fall beauty in Washington State (including some birds!)
Celeste 11/11/04 06:21 am Beautiful photos Cathy! I loved how you focused on just the leaves on the ground. Excellent!

Though we are having unusually chilly weather here on the East Coast, the weather is invigorating. Yesterday I decided to check out the Fire Island National Seashore here on Long Island. We have a beautiful walk along a narrow boardwalk like path that is only a few inches from the ground. This path leads to the lighthouse. Along the way there were so many, many deer, several times I had to step or stay very still so they would just walk by me. Most of the time the deer were on the ground besides this narrow boardwalk that winds and bends on its way to the lighthouse, however, a couple of times as I was walking, deer would be walking towards me on the boardwalk! It is obvious that some people must feed them as the deer stop and look at each passerby expectently. For the first time I saw many deer with their antlers who were protecting their territory by chasing any deer who didn't belong. All the summer crowds are gone of course, and it was nice having the blue ocean and bay that surrounds this path, the beautfiful colors of the leaves, birds flying this way and that all to ourselves!

Its nice to hear/see about Fall in other places! Thanks all for sharing. It's great that we are still keeping this board active!
Marie 11/11/04 09:37 am Ah......Cathy Thank you. And Celeste your new found hobby seems to bring you terrific encounters with Nature.......that walk sounds like something I would love. A most picturesque setting. Big deer with Antlers......the RUTTING SEASON is just about over. Be alert. ;-))
What a difference a day was a lovely day here yesterday. The fall clours aren't as good out west as in past years because it is too wrm for us. I go to work some mornings in just shirt sleeves and no coat! I do believe that frosty nights and cold temps really enhance the colours of fall so I guess that is why YOUR autumn is so spectacular this year. I know, I is great down east every year. ;-))
Have a great day.

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