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Thread subject: I'm sure if I were an osprey, I wouldn't have to ask this
Name Date Message
Shelley 04/19/04 06:08 pm question, but why does Dennis bring Betty headless fish? Is the head the best part and he selfishly keeps that for himself, bringing her *leftovers*, or is the head unpalatable and he generously removes it, bringing only the best for the woman he loves?

Inquiring minds want to know!
Diane 04/19/04 06:33 pm I hope someone answers because I would like to know too.
Jack 04/19/04 06:57 pm All I know is that I obviously missed another fish delivery
Celeste 04/19/04 07:04 pm From all the websites I have read, they just mention that the male osprey always eats the head. Pehaps they instinctively know that the bottom half of the fish is easier to feed to the chicks.
Mickey 04/19/04 08:13 pm The meat between the head and the tail has the most protein. The male will almost exclusively bring her only headless fish once the chicks hatch. My only guess why hes doing it now is love and practice :)
Cecilia 04/19/04 08:22 pm Last year Celeste recomended a book called "Return of the Osprey", written by David Gessner, which follows Osprey pairs that live in the author's neighborhood on Cape Cod. You should get it (Amazon has it) because it answers so many questions that we have all had. I've been re-reading it this week and just came across a mention of a male osprey catching a fish, flying up to a tree and starting with the head. In another part he mentions the male bringing the female the tail. So perhaps the head is the best part and as loving as the Dennis may be, he can't resist those juicy eyes :-) That said...I'm pretty sure that about two weeks ago I saw him bring Betty a head. So, maybe he is a very thoughtful mate!
Shelley 04/19/04 08:40 pm I just recently came across a hilarious (if weird) website that generates *compliments*. It is very bizarre. One of them said: "I love your eyes, but only with ketchup." :-D Eeeewww! Your comment about Dennis made me think of this!

I will definitely look for that book, thanks! I did write the title down when Celeste mentioned it to me a couple of weeks ago.
Celeste 04/20/04 05:42 am Yikes, I'd better take out my book again too!

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