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Thread subject: 'PIPPIN',the fourth chick flies!
Name Date Message
Marie 11/15/04 11:15 pm It is amazing when one checks into these wonderful bird web cams situated all over the world. One is never sure what one might see. It happened to me yesterday morning. I switched on at just the right time. Yesterday, in Australia it was the 15th and as the sun was coming up and casting its rays across the tall buildings at 5.14am little PIPPIN, the fourth Peregrine falcon chick, sat comtemplating his leap into freedom. I was watching his every move from the comfort of my chair, here in Canada. He flapped and took a couple of practise runs/flights along his nest runway area before he settled at the corner of his ledge and looked beyond his little world...then it happened. He spread his wings, then flapped and leaped over the edge.......I bet he was scared as he headed downward from that great height. Hopefully he pulled out of his free fall and flew somewhere safe to join his siblings and parents somewhere close by. I was able to e-mail my sighting to the falcon experts immediately at Frodocam so they were able to post the exact video at that precise time.( I don't think the Aussies were up yet :-)) One can check it out here at
Isn't this technology amazing! There are some wonderful video footage of the tiny chicks at hatching as well as still photos. Brought back wonderful memories of the Osprey chicks.
Celeste 11/16/04 05:19 am I checked it out and yes it was wonderful! You must have been besides yourself witnessing it live. It is strange though watching and not hearing any sounds surrounding the area though, isn't it? I miss CZ's "complaining" and early morning chats with Spirit!!!!
Pam 11/16/04 03:15 pm Isn't it great when you just catch a moment like that Marie - it would certainly take a lot of courage to leap off into that chasm amongst the buildings. I am still waiting to see an eagle again on RR. Must have been one around yesterday because the seagulls were cannibalising one of their own which must have been killed by a hawk of some sort. A gory sight indeed !
Marie 11/16/04 08:45 pm OOOOOOOOOOH! Pam that isn't nice. I have never seen gulls eat their own kind. Yuck! I must agree Celeste that the 'AUDIO' is what makes the difference to these bird/animal cams.Won't be long now.
Indeed, I was so excited to watch little PIPPIN make that leap of must be like ski-diving for those of us that have longed to do it but just too SCARED to make that Jump! (I have always wanted to try it.) Guess I now will wait till I am 80 to fulfill a dream. That way I won't have too much to lose if I realise I can't FLY after all... ;-))
karen 11/17/04 09:08 am Amazing! Thanks for the link.
Pam 11/17/04 11:29 am 20 years Marie, you're gonna live to be a hundred aren't you ?
Cecilia 11/18/04 06:08 pm Hi everyone...I've been missing in action...just too much work lately :-(

I just took a few moments to catch up with the board and I read this link so I went to the frodocam site to see the flight.I hate to be the bearer of sad tidings but unfortunately there has been a tragedy. A chick was found dead just below the building two hours after Pippen fledged and they seem to be assuming that it was Pippen. It's so sad but it looks like three others have fledged safely? Life can be so cruel. They seem to have removed the fledging footage or I just wasn't able to get it to work on my Mac...I'm not sure if it is a technical problem or if it is gone.

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