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Thread subject: Bald Eagles
Name Date Message
Pam 11/20/04 03:48 pm Patience finally paid off and I was rewarded with some lovely eagle watching this morning, just after dawn Race Rocks time. I was alerted to the fact they were around by all the seagulls taking to the air in alarm and I saw the eagle amongst them flying past the cliffs. I searched along the cliff edges and there found an adult eagle and a juvenile who spent quite a lot of time just looking around. Suddenly, they looked agitated and another eagle (a juvenile) swooped down. The adult flew off leaving the two juveniles for a short while and then one of them flew off. I managed to get some nice close-up shots, one I particularly like of the talons. Someone else took over the cam and I lost them for a while. When I my turn came to control the cam I was just lucky enough to get shots of another (or the same) mature eagle resting further along the cliff. If you are interested see the screengrabs at:
Normally I would have been playing tennis but we still have snow lying on the ground here and it was very cold and uninviting out so I spent time on the puter instead - glad I did :)))
cathy 11/20/04 07:39 pm Wow - these were amazing. I have never seen such close ups of eagles - I liked the talon shot too. It is fun to see eagles just being with eachother - they appear to feel very comfortable around eachother. Perhaps parent and offspring. I appreciated the shots of the whole area and the seagull activity.
Celeste 11/20/04 08:29 pm Wow, how exciting for you! I also liked the talon shot, and observing their natural behavior in peaceful surroundings. Thanks for sharing...
Lori 11/20/04 10:49 pm Thanks Pam. The pictures are excellant. Bald eagles are magnificant creatures. They always have that "Ya wanna mess with me" look about them!
Pam 11/21/04 07:57 am Really glad to share them with you and don't forget that you can go to and take control of the camera yourself (go to remote 2 which is camera 5). There is always something interesting to watch. It was very stormy there a a couple of days ago and it was fun just wave-watching - most of the wildlife was taking shelter. Of course, dawn in BC is early afternoon here in UK, so I get to go on the cam at a quiet time of the day and also see some lovely sunrises.
Pam 11/21/04 12:39 pm There was a lovely peregrine on the rocks this morning (Sunday) and I have added pics to the eagle album.
Marie 11/21/04 01:36 pm Ahhhhhhhhh Pam, those are wonderful The adult and young bird must know each other loved that talon shot too.....I just stopped in at the Race rocks site and found only sealions and gulls. ;-(( Will take me a while to figure out how to capture and control the camera by zooming in...I am always so dumb in this department. Thanks for sharing. You can see what a dull day we are having here once again. GREY ..suppose to be a sunny W/E. How can they be so far off with their weather forcasts?
Cecilia 11/21/04 08:01 pm Wow! Great shots! I loved the talon pic and those close ups of the mature eagle...excellent! I think I asked you before but I can't remember your answer so forgive me for asking do you get such clear screen shots? I have a "grab" feature with my Mac but with the Real Player that we use to watch the DPOF nest all of my shots are "jaggy". Do you have some special software?

I thought that that was a peregrine falcon at the end!
I'm reading a wonderful book called, "On The Wing" -
To the Edge of the Earth with the Peregrine Falcon

It's about the author's tracking of their migrations and as I've been reading it I'm realizing that it is the kind of book that David Gessner is researching to write about ospreys.

I haven't really explored the Race Rocks site yet but I'll bookmark it now so that I can look around when work slows down some. Thanks Pam!
Cecilia again :-) 11/21/04 08:10 pm Pam, I went to the Race Rocks site and looked at the archived stills...and saw the eagle sequence that you took last January..they even gave you credit for the photos! Very cool! I can see that this site could be addictive :-)
Celeste 11/22/04 07:09 am I have been exploring the Race Rocks more diligently...and now I will ask you Pam some stupid questions.....when one gets the opportunity to operate the you click on the arrows? or just pass the mouse on the arrow and it will pan itself. Also when one "sees" something how do you zoom in? I seem to not "go" where I want to go! Thanks!
Pam 11/22/04 07:43 am OK - a few questions :) -
Cecilia - I use analogx (free download at the www.analogx website). I programme it with a hotkey - the one I use is the one below Esc on the keyboard. It has a straight line and a corner on it and is a key I don't ever use. This way you can keep jabbing at the key and each time it takes a bitmap "capture" and puts it in the folder of your choice - in my case one called "Captures". I then open the capture in MGI photosuite and, here is my little secret, I enhance it by altering the lighting or sharpness to give the best result and crop it. Then I save it as a JPEG file to my RR folder. I then delete the original bitmaps otherwise you use too much space and clutter up your captures file. Phew - sounds a lot but it isn't really !!!!

Celeste - I have saved Camera 5 controllable to bookmarks, this saves going through the homepage of RR everytime. You operate the cam by clicking on the arrows in any direction and zoom by clicking on wide (i.e. distant) or tele (near). If you do a continuous press on any particular symbol the result will be a continuous move (in, out, right, left etc). One click will move it a small distance. They have it set to an automatic switch now, so if you take Tooooo looong doing something ... it will switch to some other view - this is to stop people leaving the cam unfocussed on some rock, the sky etc. but can be annoying if you just want to use your whole two minutes to look at a bird.

Another little tip: you can open the QT window into a floating screen which you can keep going in your taskbar and take a peek any time while you are doing other things on the computer. This is also a much smoother video, but you can't control it of course.

I heard from Garry Fletcher at RR that January is peak time for eagles so that is something to look forward to.

Cecilia 11/22/04 09:28 pm Thanks Pam...this time I will look into loading that software! You're so sweet to lay it out so carefully for all of us computer phobics!!! :-)

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