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Thread subject: What a difference a week makes.
Name Date Message
Marie 11/21/04 08:11 pm I have been struggling for the last four days, with the knowledge that my friend whom I had just shared 48 hrs of Nature Retreat up Island last week , now lies in a hospital bed with a diagnosis of cancer. After mis-diagnosing her condition in emergency most of the week she now is getting the full treatment she deserves. Amazingly, she is coping with her diagnosis well. Perhaps the shock hasn't settle in yet. It took me by surprise and reduced me to a 'jelly' unable to think for two days. Not a good thing in my job. Prayer has a way of healing...if anyone wishes to put my friend Veronica on their prayer list I would love you to do this for me and mostly for her.
Celeste 11/22/04 07:05 am Most certainly Marie......So sorry....words are always inadequate at this time.....I can only simply say that my thoughts are also with you.
Shelley 11/22/04 07:06 am {{{On their way!}}} Check your email, Marie...
Pam 11/22/04 07:52 am Oh Marie, what a terrible thing - so sorry to read that - I had wondered where you were the last few days. Silent prayers winging your way.
cathy 11/22/04 12:26 pm Yes - its surprising how the same environment - our views, our lives, our bodies - can appear so different from one day to the next. I think of the people around me in the grocery store, in gatherings - each has their mind on something that I cannot discern. So when I am given the grace to feel grateful for the opportunities I have, I am aware that, at any time external reality, however good at the time, might change. Or my perceptions might change. Yet I know the good will return - just as the eagles come back in October.
Cecilia 11/22/04 01:33 pm So sorry to hear about your friend, Marie. It's just another lesson for all of us...enjoy each day because tomorrow...who knows? I'm glad that you had that fun weekend together before the bad news hit. She has one great, for a friend and I'm sure you will help her in so many ways! My thoughts are with you both...
Kathy 11/22/04 03:36 pm Marie, my thoughts and prayers are with both of you.
Lori 11/22/04 09:28 pm Dear Marie a very tight hug to both you and Veronica. I pray that God will grant her the strength & courage that she will need to see her through her battle with cancer.
Marie 11/22/04 11:29 pm Thank you all for your special words /prayers/thoughts and encouragement. I am deeply touched. You are all so wonderful.
Nancy L 11/22/04 11:43 pm Marie, you will BOTH be in my thoughts & prayers.

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