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Thread subject: Happy Thanksgiving!
Name Date Message
Celeste 11/22/04 07:10 am For those of us in the "States".......Happy Thanksgiving! Drive safely if you are travelling and enjoy!
Mickey 11/22/04 11:51 am what she said

be happy :)
Kathy 11/22/04 03:39 pm DITTO!!
Elizabeth 11/22/04 03:53 pm We all have alot to be thankful for but Celeste is most lucky of all since she will be traveling over the river and through the woods to her beloved sister's house for dinner!
Happy Holidays To All!
cathy 11/22/04 06:08 pm Is it possible her beloved sister's name is Elizabeth?
Shelley 11/22/04 06:09 pm LOL!! IT IS!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

cathy 11/22/04 06:31 pm I am not eating birds but I am thankful anyway. I will be visiting my 93 year old mother and we will all have a visual chat (ichat) with my daughter in Los Angeles.
Happy Thanksgiving to all you who celebrate it. November is "gratitude month" and I am grateful for this site.
Lori 11/22/04 09:33 pm To all of you near & far... Happiest of Turkey Days to you & yours! Eat well and enjoy each other's company!!! Many Blessings to you all :-) Lori
Cecilia 11/22/04 09:33 pm Yes, yes, yes...I guess Celeste is having turkey at Elizabeth's house :-) Lucky girl!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the rest of you who celebrate it! That leaves out the Canadians...but isn't boxing day coming up soon? :-)

Hugs, Cec
Marie 11/22/04 11:27 pm May you all have a SAFE and special time with family and friends. Thinking of you all as you celebrate this special time. Even though I am a Brit and a Canadian I can still wish you all
A Happy Thanksgiving.
Sharing the theme of 'THANKSGIVING' I too can be grateful/thankful for great friends here on DPOF.
Thank you for all your great support/prayers and good wishes.
Nancy L 11/22/04 11:40 pm ...and yet another wish for happy holiday to all....I'll be making the apple stuffing; apple, mince, and pumpkin pies, and my "famous" Cranberry Holiday Salad!
RonS 11/23/04 08:05 am Although it started as a "state-side" holiday, may the thought of being thankful for all of the good things in life, such as this little international circle of friends, become a global tradition.
Happy Bird-day to all.
Pam 11/23/04 10:20 am Sounds delicious to me - can anyone come ? Happy Thanksgiving.
Cecilia 11/23/04 07:04 pm Yes Pam...shall we set the table for you :-)
Tim 11/24/04 11:29 pm Hello to all near and far.
Having a great weather November in NY.
Last year was very cold anyone remember?
Be Safe,have fun.
Ann 11/26/04 03:38 pm Happy Thanksgiving to you all from a very damp (as usual) Lancashire, England.

Thanks for a great site and for all being such lovely people.

Now I am off to look at the Whooping Crane diary thanks for that (whoever it was) it's a great read.


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